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albuquerque new mexico hotel


									2009 Albuquerque Conference Accommodations: The Hotel Albuquerque is 8.5 miles from the airport. It is nestled in
Old Town, the heart of Albuquerque’s historical center. Internet Facilities: High Speed Wireless Internet connection is available for a small fee in the sleeping room tower guest rooms; it can not be accessed throughout the hotel. The cost is a total of $5.00 for a 7-night stay. A full-service business center is also available. The Hotel Albuquerque is a 100% smoke-free facility. All guest rooms, common areas, and meeting spaces are designated as nonsmoking. Room reservations must be made directly with the hotel. We encourage you to stay at the hotel and have negotiated a special room rate to keep the conference affordable. Please see The Hotel Albuquerque Room Reservation Request Form (see reverse side) or the Society website for room reservation and cost details. A limited number of roll-away beds are available, offered on a first-come, first-served basis; there is no charge for the roll-away bed when the room is rented as a triple occupancy. To receive the special room rate you must specify your booking is related to the System Dynamics Society Conference (use group code GRPE15). Please make your hotel reservation by June 19, 2009. After June 19th, the special room rate availability is not guaranteed. If you wish to extend your stay, the hotel will accept sleeping room requests for pre- and post-conference dates on a space available and rate available basis. The Hotel Albuquerque, 800 Rio Grande Boulevard NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 Reservations: Direct phone number: +1 (505) 843-6300 Toll free phone number in USA: 1 (800) 237-2133 Fax number: +1 (505) 842-8426 E-mail: Web address: Room Cancellations: The Hotel Albuquerque maintains a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy for individual guest room reservations. The penalty for cancelling within 24 hours is one night’s room cost plus tax. Guest Room Remote Payment: All attendees must have a physical method of payment to submit at the time of check-in OR a completed Credit Card Authorization Form on file with the hotel to be used to resolve any second party credit card payment issues. If incidental charges are not authorized on the completed Credit Card Authorization Form, an alternate method of payment will be required upon check-in for incidental charges only. The form can be found on the Society website. Complimentary Two-Night Weekend Accommodations: The Hotel Albuquerque is offering a prize of two-night weekend accommodations for one room/two people at their hotel. The winner will be randomly selected from registrants whose registration form and payment are received by the Society office on or before June 3rd (presenter registration deadline).

Information for Travelers: The true Southwest awaits you in Albuquerque – rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries of
history. Whether you want to shop for authentic Native American arts and crafts, enjoy the great outdoors, try hot air ballooning, explore living history museums, attend events and festivals, sample local cuisines, or hit the golf courses and spas, visit the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau to learn more. Phone: +1 (505) 842-9918 or toll free in the US 1 (800) 284-9918 E-mail: Web address: Ground Transportation: The airport is a 10-15 minute drive, depending on time of day and traffic. The Sunport Shuttle ( is about $15.00 one-way/$28.00 round trip per person; times of operation are 4:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The shuttle is an independent service, the fee cannot be charged to your hotel room. Sunport Shuttle reservations: +1 (505) 883-4966. Weather: During July, Albuquerque is hot mid-day. The average temperature ranges from 65º F (18º C) to 93º F (34º C). As evenings and mornings are cooler, light warm clothing may be needed. Low humidity and lots of sunshine means visitors should pack moisturizer and remember to stay hydrated. All conference venues will be air-conditioned. (Note: Albuquerque is 5,312 feet (1,619m) above sea level and the surrounding mountains can reach 12,000 feet (3660m). When coming from lower altitudes, acclimating precautions should be taken to ensure your well-being.) Tipping: In Albuquerque a tip of 15-20% in restaurants and 10% for taxis is typical. Bellboys are usually tipped $3 per bag and housekeeping staff is usually tipped $3-5 per day. At any time, tipping is your choice. Visa Requirements: For a visa or permit, see the US State Department Visa Services page at:

Social Program: The social program includes an Informal Gathering on Sunday during and after registration, the Poster
Symposium on Monday, the Conference Banquet on Tuesday and a Native American performance. Three group local tours will also be offered: a hike to a site of geological interest, a visit to a Native American Pueblo, and a visit to an archeological site. These tours are not included in conference registration fee and interested individuals must pay separately. Free time during lunch breaks and in the evenings can be spent enjoying the amenities of adjacent Old Town: restaurants, art galleries, shops, museums, and Native American arts and crafts displayed for perusing or purchase at the Plaza Square. For more information on the conference programs or events, please visit the conference website or contact the Society office. See reverse side for the Hotel Albuquerque Room Reservation Request Form.

International Conference of the System Dynamics Society The Hotel Albuquerque Room Reservation Request Form

Reservation deadline is June 19, 2009
Please type or clearly print all information. Only one room reservation per form. Photocopy as needed. Reservation deadline strictly adhered to. To make reservations: o Online: (use group code GRPE15) o Fax: +1 (505) 842-8426 o Call direct: +1 (505) 843-6300 or +1 (800) 237-2133 o Post: Address on reverse side

Rates & Accommodations:

Room Type
Run of House
Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Triple Occupancy Quad Occupancy

Approximate Per Night Cost of Room
$156.72 ($139.00 + 12.75% taxes included) $156.72 ($139.00 + 12.75% taxes included) $173.64 ($154.00 + 12.75% taxes included) $190.55 ($169.00 + 12.75% taxes included)

Mark choice in box to select room type
One King Size Bed Two Double Beds

All Room Rates listed in bold are inclusive of taxes (breakfast is not included). Up to four guests (adults or accompanied children) total are allowed per room. All rooms are designated Non-Smoking. The Hotel Albuquerque is a 100% Smoke-Free Facility. Complimentary parking is included in the above room rates. Taxes are subject to change.

Reservation Information: Arrival Date: _____ / _____ / _____ Departure Date: _____ / _____ / _____

Title: ______ First Name: __________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________ City / State: ________________________________________ Country: ______________________ Postal Code: ______________ Email: _________________________________________ Telephone: ________________________________________ Fax: ________________________________________________ Number of adults in room: _____ Number of children (age 18 or younger) in room with adults: _____ Accommodations for accompanied children are free. Guest Notes / Requests: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Guarantee Information: Credit Card Type: _____________ Credit Card Number: _________________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____ / _____ Cardholder: ___________________________________________________________________ Providing credit card information to guarantee the booking authorizes the Hotel Albuquerque to charge the credit card according to the terms and conditions listed below. The Hotel Albuquerque maintains a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy for individual guest room reservations. The penalty for cancelling within 24 hours is one night’s room cost plus tax. A photo ID and method of payment must be presented at the time of check-in. If credit card listed above is a second party credit card, the hotel requires a completed Credit Card Authorization Form. A downloadable Credit Card Authorization Form may be found on the conference webpage on the Society website ( or contact the hotel directly.

Roommate Information: The Hotel Albuquerque will transact with only one person, the reservation maker (the person whose name is in the “Reservation Information” field above). If sharing a room, please coordinate payment among the group so that the hotel receives only one room payment from the reservation maker. Please provide roommates’ names for guest room key privileges only. Roommate #1 First Name: __________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________________ Roommate #2 First Name: __________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________________ Roommate #3 First Name: __________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________________

Reservations Department The Hotel Albuquerque at old town, 800 Rio Grande Boulevard NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 Phone: +1 (505) 843-6300  USA 1 (800) 237-213 3  FAX: +1 (505) 842-8426 Web address:

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