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Top free Google products


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									                                           Top Free Google Products

   Google is known as the most popular search engine around these days. But there is so much more to it, so we‟ve
   made a list of the top free Google products - what they‟re all about and what you might like to use them for.

   If you‟ve got a Google success story, let us know! We‟d love to hear from you… info@centreforebusiness.eu

Name       Web Address         Summary                                 Some thoughts…                      Video file

Google     www.google.co.uk       One stop shop for access to          You could use this function to      http://www.youtube.co
                                  searchable items on the web          search through news, images,        m/user/GoogleChannel
                                  Rated most popular search            blogs, and even translation         UK#p/search/10/jb5crX
                                  engine                               services! You can even pick up      H2Cb8
                                  Search for more specific things      some tips on how to improve
                                  like flight tracking – you can       your searches to get the results
                                  even get alerts about problems       you really want.
                                  on your flights i.e. delays, wait
                                  times                                You could also use Search to find
                                  Track parcels you‟ve posted or       out what people are saying about
                                  are waiting to receive               your business, and keep an eye
                                  Search for very specific phrases     on the competition!
                                  using the Advanced Search
                                  option                               Google Search can be a great
                                  You can even specify file type to    time saver, but also, you can
                                  make sure you get the most           spend a lot of time searching –
                                  relevant results (excel, pdf etc…)   be clear on your goals.

Google   www.google.co.uk/c   Google Chrome is a web browser    This gives you simple, more         http://www.youtube.co
Chrome   hrome                developed by Google to rival      secure and faster web browser       m/watch?v=SC-
                              others (internet explorer,        searches – perfect if you‟re in     2VGBHFQI&feature=ch
                              Firefox)                          need of lightning speed searches.   annel
                              Aims to improve security and
                              stability                         When it was first released,
                              Speeds up your searches           Chrome had a few issues with
                                                                crashing. Google have tackled
                                                                this through their help pages –
                                                                the place to go if you experience
                                                                problems with Chrome.

Google   www.mail.google.co   Email storage system with         You can use Google Mail to help     http://www.youtube.co
Mail     m                    constantly increasing capacity    you manage your emails and to       m/watch?v=yi50KlsCBi
                              You have the ability to           connect with friends and            o
                              customise your mailbox            colleagues using the Buzz
                              Translation of foreign messages   application. Buzz allows you to
                              Google Buzz - provides you with   communicate with the friends
                              a social networking platform      you‟ve already made within
                                                                Gmail, and with others around
                                                                the world – it‟s up to you!

Google      www.google.com/an   Gives you rich insights into your    This is a great tool to use when      http://www.google.com
Analytics   alytics             website traffic and marketing        you want to check the traffic to      /analytics/tour.html
                                effectiveness                        your website – if figures are
                                It also lets you see and analyse     looking a little low you know that
                                your traffic data using graphs       you need to do a little work on
                                The graphics are fantastic and       your website.
                                really help you visualise the data
                                in new ways                          On the downside, Analytics can
                                You can run reports focusing on      be a little fiddly. If you‟ve never
                                different details, allowing you to   used it before, you may need a
                                segment the data by many             little help from someone in the
                                things such as source, keyword       know to get you started.
                                and region.

Google      www.google.com/tr   Compare the World‟s interest in      You can use this application to       http://www.youtube.co
Trends      ends                your favourite topics. Enter up      identify the search preferences of    m/watch?v=JM1cc2J9s
                                to five topics and see how often     your customers, which could help      6E&feature=related
                                they‟ve been searched for on         you reach your target market
                                Google                               more effectively by using their
                                Shows how frequently your            language to give them exactly
                                topics have appeared in Google       what they want.
                                News stories, and in which
                                geographic regions people have       By placing the frequently used
                                searched for them most               terms on your website, you could
                                                                     even improve your search engine

Google     www.google.com/in    Compare search volume               This tool gives you „Insight‟ into   http://www.youtube.co
Insights   sights/search        patterns across specific regions,   any number of search patterns to     m/watch?v=siD8uTIP5
                                categories and time frames          help you gain the competitive        CQ
                                Anticipate demand for your          edge in your market. You could
                                business so that you can budget     even use this information to
                                and plan accordingly                develop a search engine
                                Provides graphical                  optimisation strategy.
                                representation of your specified
                                searches over a given period of     You could also use what you find
                                time.                               out in Google Insights to help
                                                                    you shape your marketing
                                                                    strategy and messages, or even
                                                                    develop products to make sure
                                                                    you‟re right on the mark with
                                                                    your target audience.

Google     www.docs.google.co   Upload and store multiple           This application is perfect for      http://www.youtube.co
Docs       m                    documents of any type (i.e.         storing documents on a safe          m/watch?v=6_hJ3R8jE
                                Excel, PDF, Word) to a secure       online platform that you can         ZM&playnext_from=TL
                                environment and access them         access from any computer,            &videos=umHPLo-h2uQ
                                from any computer                   anywhere! All you need is an
                                Items can be viewed and edited      internet connection and your
                                - even when you‟re on the go!       documents are at your fingertips.
                                Items can be shared safely with
                                individuals, small groups, or the   If you‟re using Google Docs to
                                world – you decide!                 share items, make sure you keep
                                                                    it tidy and remove old versions to
                                                                    avoid confusion.

Google      www.google.co.uk/a   Set up alerts so that you get a     This tool can help you stay up to    http://www.youtube.co
Alerts      lerts?hl=en          reminder when a news story          date with competitors in your        m/watch?v=VBpKK9i-
                                 matching your criteria is           industry, by staying in the loop     pkQ&feature=related
                                 published online                    with any news or articles that
                                 Use this application to keep an     mention them or their products.
                                 eye on the competition, and
                                 even your own business‟             Google Alerts has a lot to offer,
                                 reputation!                         just be careful that you don‟t
                                                                     swamp yourself with too much

Google      www.google.com/pr    Have access to a library of past    This tool is just the job for        http://www.youtube.co
Zeitgeist   ess/zeitgeist/       search trends which looks back      identifying search preferences for   m/watch?v=uFU-
                                 at the events of previous years.    your customers by looking back       Rc1nuSA&feature=relat
                                 This includes billions of keyword   at previous popular searches.        ed
                                 and key phrase searches that
                                 people around the world have        You can capture moods and
                                 looked for and collated             trends and use this information
                                                                     for your planning.

Picasa   www.picasa.google.    Photo editing software from        An image can say more than         http://www.youtube.co
         com                   Google which allows you to edit,   words sometimes - Picasa is        m/watch?v=rskC6c_5L
                               organise and share your photos     perfect for presenting your        1M
                               for free                           products to your potential
                               Uploaded images can be             customers!
                               accessed anywhere                  Make sure you check the settings
                                                                  on your computer if you decide
                                                                  to get involved with Picasa – it
                                                                  has been known to set itself to
                                                                  the default image viewer, for
                                                                  example, it might pop up for any
                                                                  image that you open on your
Google   http://google.com/p   View and manage your business      You‟ll be able to make the         http://www.youtube.co
Places   laces                 listing through a personalised     necessary changes to improve       m/watch?v=TpZan96K
                               dashboard summary of activity      your listing and become more       HOM
                               Track how your business listing    visible online. You can also
                               is performing on Google            attract more business using the
                                                                  Google eCoupons feature - done
                               Attract new customers by           through your Places listing.
                               creating a coupon for your

Google     http://maps.google.   Create your own business listing     You can become more visible on        http://www.youtube.co
Maps       co.uk                 attached to a Map                    the web and give people who           m/watch?v=ADbeCHQL
                                 Let people know where you are,       search for you a lot more detail      Upk&playnext_from=TL
                                 what you do, and even what           about your business.                  &videos=c38Awv6hA-Y
                                 your opening hours are!              This application might help
                                 When you add your business to        improve the search engine
                                 Google Maps, you can access a        optimisation of your website, and
                                 dashboard summary of the             help push you up the rankings on
                                 activity against your listing, for   Google Search.
                                 example how many times users
                                 clicked through to your website.

Google     http://www.google.c   As a seller, you can submit your     Using this product, you can           http://www.youtube.co
Merchant   o.uk/intl/en_uk/pro   products to Google Product           display your retail items through     m/watch?v=sJ0_My4fJ
Centre     ducts/submit.html     Search, allowing shoppers to         Google for free.                      18
                                 quickly and easily find your site    And when you submit your
                                 Your products will appear on         products to Google Product
                                 Google Product Search and may        Search, it allows shoppers to
                                 even be displayed on Google          quickly and easily find your
                                 No charges for uploading your        website.
                                 items or the additional traffic      Product information can be
                                 you receive                          submitted in a variety of ways, to
                                 Reach shoppers precisely when        make it easier for you as a seller.
                                 they are searching for items to
                                 buy on Google

Google      www.google.com/m     An online survey tool which        You can use Moderator to get to    http://www.youtube.co
Moderator   oderator             allows you to submit and vote      know your customers by letting     m/watch?v=CzF6dmFs
                                 on questions for talks,            them decide which questions,       WZs
                                 presentations and events           suggestions or ideas interest
                                                                    them the most.
                                 Include people in your
                                 preparation for lectures,
                                 interviews and hard decisions or
                                 work together to brainstorm new
                                 The service allows the
                                 management of feedback from a
                                 large number of people, who can
                                 vote for the top questions that
                                 they think should be posed and
                                 even ask their own
Google      www.groups.google.   Create a discussion Group for      Set up a Group when you‟re         http://www.youtube.co
Groups      com                  relevant topics and be exposed     looking for some opinions on any   m/watch?v=29n6xm1d
                                 to wide ranging opinions and       given topic, or even push it       LiI
                                 advice                             further and use this feature to
                                 Customise the look and graphics    help you research ideas and
                                 of your Group                      develop your products.

                                 Discuss online or by email         You can match the look and feel
                                                                    of your Group to your brand and
                                                                    engage people in your thoughts,
                                                                    processes and even products.

Google     www.google.com/cal   Keep track of your most             This product is fantastic when      http://www.youtube.co
Calendar   endar                important business events, all in   you need to know when everyone m/watch?v=ly-
                                one place                           is free or busy - scheduling really QqZkiA6I
                                Let colleagues see your             is a snap, and it can be done on
                                calendar, and view those that       the go!
                                others have shared with you.        You can invite other people to
                                Access your calendar from your      events on your calendar. Guests
                                phone using its built-in calendar   can RSVP to your events by
                                or mobile browser                   email or via Google Calendar.

                                Get event reminders via email or
                                have text messages sent right to
                                your mobile phone

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