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									             Renewable energy in buildings

                                                                                        Increasingly the use of renewable energy sources properly
                                                                                        integrated into buildings will provide an environmentally
                                                                                        sound and cost effective response to the climate change
                                                                                        BRE can help you understand the technical, managerial and
                                                                                        commercial issues associated with integrating Renewable
                                                                                        Energy Sources into buildings. Our work is underpinned by
                                                                                        an intimate understanding of solar, wind and other new
                                                                                        and renewable technologies and services include:
                                                                                        •   Active solar
                                                                                        •   Photovoltaics
                                                                                        •   Passive solar design (daylighting, ventilation/cooling)
                                                                                        •   Solar access and planning
                                                                                        •   Wind environment
                                                                                        •   Timber wastes
                                                                                        •   Materials durability
                                                                                        •   Urban landscape planning and design
                                                                                        •   Matched pair test houses
                                                                                        •   Fuel cells
                                                                                        •   Whole life costing
                                                                                        •   Sustainable construction
                                                                                        •   Energy economics and statistics
                                                                                        •   Landfill gas
                                                                                        •   Energy from waste
                                                                                        •   Component and system testing
                                                                                        •   Solar (PASSYS) test cells
                                                                                        In addition, BRE can provide world class knowledge of
                                                                                        building technology and networks with commercial,
                                                                                        industrial and public organisations to ensure that the
                                                                                        solutions we offer are practical and give the lowest whole
                                                                                        life costs.
                                                                                        Clients include:
                                                                                        • DETR/IT Power (optimisation of airflow around PV
                                                                                        • Cuban Ministry of Construction (bioclimatic design
                                                                                        • UK Department of Trade and Industry/ETSU
                                                                                          (PV domestic field trial)
                                                                                        • European Commission (integrated PV and
                                                                                          natural ventilation facades)
                                                                                        • DamWind (integrated wind generation)
             Did you know?
                                                                                        • Studio 5 (consultancy on solar reflection)
             • Energy use in buildings accounts for almost 50% of UK CO2 emissions
                                                                                        • European Commission (Renewables in the City
             • Energy running costs are a similar proportion of overall business cash
               flow as profit margins
             • The UK target for renewables in 2010 will contribute ~ 1/6 the           For further information:
               CO2 reductions needed – according the Royal Commission on                Visit our website at or contact our
               Environmental Pollution                                                  helpline on
                                                                                        T +44 (0) 1923 664500
                                                                                        F +44 (0) 1923 664097

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