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									Knitted Snowman
By Margaret Bullen
   Here is a cheerful snowman who will
make a lovely Christmas card for some-
one special. He does take about 2 hours
to knit but I have found him to be very
popular. I have made a few hundred
over the years, mostly for charity.
   If you make the scarf in one piece
then wrap it around his shoulders and
make a loop for his head. He can then
be used as a tree decoration too!

Materials Required:
Blue paper for the sky 11cm x 7cm.
White felt 11cm x 6cm.
Double sided sticky tape.
Silver stars and a silver pen.
P.V.A. Craft Adhesive.
Pair of no. 12 knitting needles (2.5mm).
White wool (preferably 4 ply).
Royal blue and bright yellow wool (I
used DK as it is not easy to get 4 ply).
Black and orange wool/embroidery silk.
A small amount of toy stuffing.
Card Mount: AP03U in Dark Blue
Creative Cover.
                                                      10 rows. Final row K1, K2tog. 4 times and thread
To Make The Snowman:                                  wool through sts. Sew row ends together.
   To make the snowman body, cast on 6 sts.              Make up the body and arms as follows:
Row 1: and every alternate row purl to end.           A light press with a damp cloth or steam iron
Row 2: K1, inc in next st. (knit in front and back    will improve work. Make sure you press the
of next stitch) 5 times.                              arms with the seams at the back.
Row 4: K1, inc in next st., K1 5 times.
Row 6: K1, inc in next st., K2 5 times.                  Put a little stuffing into the body and arms
Row 8: K1, inc in next st., K3 5 times.               and draw up sts. at the top of the head and
Row 10: K1, inc in next st., K4 5 times. (31sts.)     fasten off. Run a thread round the neck and
Stocking st. for 19 rows.                             draw up slightly. Sew the arms into place.
Next row: K1 K2tog. to end. Purl next row.              Embroider eyes and mouth in black thread
Final row: K2tog. to end. Break off wool and          and the carrot nose in orange.
thread through all sts.
                                                      To make the hat, cast on 30 sts. in blue wool
   Sew along base of snowman with work inside
                                                   and K1 P1 for 2 rows. Work 2 more rib rows in
out, then sew row ends together leaving top of
                                                   yellow and 2 in blue. Change to and yellow,
head open.
                                                   K1, K2tog. all along row. Purl a row. Finish off in
   To make the arms, cast on 9 sts. and for blue by K2tog. and draw up sts. and fasten off.
Knit a pompom with 5 sts. and 5 rows in yellow and draw
a thread all round to make a little ball. Sew row ends of
hat and attach pompom. Sew hat carefully to head.
   To make the scarf: Using blue cast on 5 sts. and rib 2
rows, then 2 in yellow, alternate colours until work is
about 31⁄2 “ (8 - 9 cms) - enough to go round neck. If you
normally slip the first st. of each row, do not do this on
the scarf, also, as you change colour, give the last colour
wool a little tug to keep the row ends nice and neat. It
will have the effect of giving the scarf a slight curve,
which is good when stitching it in place. Knit a further
piece about 11⁄2 “ (4 cms).
   Sew one end of the smaller piece to the neck and
leave the other end free. Place the longer piece around
the neck and sew it at the back, then bring the smaller
piece down over it and sew lightly in place.
   Prepare the background by sticking the blue paper
for the sky and the white felt for the snow so that they
show through the aperture and glue the card closed.
   Attach the snowman to the background with double
sided tape and decorate with the stars and silver pen.


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