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          Javelin Marketing Provides Resources for Financial Advisors to Combat Recession

       By Javelin Marketing
       Dated: Mar 05, 2009

       Resources for Financial Advisors to retain clients in a difficult economy

       It’s no secret that financial advisors, financial planners, stockbrokers, and life insurance agents are having
       a hard time maintaining their clientele. Many clients have fled the financial markets for the safety of bank
       accounts and treasury bills. There are approaches that advisors can use in this market and these are
       discussed at Javelin Marketing’s main blog. Additionally, Javelin Marketing provides free tools to
       download at their download blog. New tools are added each month. Current tools and downloads available
       to financial advisors:

        Four ways to eliminate capital gains taxes—a great piece to share with clients right in the middle of tax

        The benefit of offering FDIC insured CDs to retain clients now

        How to get more involved with individual fixed income securities to serve an aging clientele

        A special security tax reduction calculator that shows annuity sellers how in most cases, an annuity will
       save the retired owners taxes on social security income

        Ebook on Marketing to Seniors

       If you register at the blog, you will be notified as tools are added. Soon to be added is “How to Find and
       Hire the Best Assistant.”


       Javelin Marketing specializes in rapid business growth marketing systems for financial advisors, financial
       planners, life insurance agents and investment advisors.

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