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					                      HINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED
                          Yashad Bhawan, Udaipur- 313 004

No. RMM/ZN/HO/                                               Customer Service, Marketing
Date: 16-09-2005                                             Hindustan Zinc Ltd
                                                             Udaipur, Rajasthan-313004
                                                             Phone/ Fax :0294-2523153
                                                             Mobile: 0294-3107662/ 9829241292

         Subject: - Selling price of Zinc, Lead, Cadmium effective from 16.09.05 .

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that selling price of Zinc, Lead and Cadmium has been revised as
under with effect from the above stated date. The revised prices will remain valid till the last
date of the month and/or further revision whichever is earlier.

                                 Ex-Debari  Ex-Vizag Ex-OTHER           Jamshedpur /
    PRODUCTS        PURITY                                    Ex-HISSAR
                                /Chanderia /Hyderabad DEPOTS              Tarapur /
    SHG ZINC       Min 99.99%     77400      78150     78900    78600       79200
    CGG Alloy                     79200      79950     80700    80400       81000
    HG ZINC        Min 99.95%     77200      77950     78700    78400       79000
    PW ZINC        min 98.5%      75400      76150     76900    76600       77200
      LEAD         Min 99.99%     48700      49450     50200    49900       50500
                   Min 99.95%
     (Rs/Kg)                       251         251          251        251         251

The above mentioned prices are exclusive of Excise Duty, Sales tax etc as per the details given
below :

The Ex-factory / Stock Point prices are exclusive of Excise duty @16%, Central Sales tax 1%
or as applicable for Zinc and Lead, and for Cadmium @ 4% against “C” form and without form
full CST is applicable, or RST against Sales Tax declaration form/ Without form as applicable.

Payment Terms:

The buyer shall make financial arrangements in advance by DD/Pay order or Irrevocable
without recourse Letter of Credit in a form and from a bank acceptable to HZL. All L/C Charges
/Negotiation /other bank charges will be to the openers account

Interest bearing L/C Usance Credit is available as per terms given below:-
Upto 90 Days                                     9.0 % p.a.
Above 90 days upto 180 Days                      10.0% p.a.

In case of Bank Guarantee usance credit is available upto 90 days only @ 10% per annum.

For any delay beyond due date , over due interest@ 12% per annum will be charged .

All form of cash discount have been withdrawn with effect from 1.8.03.

Supply will however; be subject to availability of material, other applicable terms and conditions
of our sale offer and “HZL” policy prevailing at the time of delivery of material.

Please also note that the selling price, credit facilities and quantity discount etc. are subject to
change without any prior notice and the same prevailing on the date of delivery would be
applicable .

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times .

( Jayant Kumar)
Head- Marketing
Hindustan Zinc Ltd

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