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					If there's studying to do...

As a person who believes we should take as little pills as humanly possible, I have never liked
using any kind of chemical stimulants so these plants have been of great help while studying for
my exams or whenever I do any sort of intellectual work.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" as the Latin saying goes - but don't forget that part of having a
healthy mind is having a good memory. Good memory helps both in your career as well as in
your private life so exercising it is as vital as exercising your body. Besides memory exercises
however nature can step in and offer a little help through these wonderful memory stimulating
plants: ginseng, salvia, wormwood, vanilla and mint.

The top 5 memory enhancing plants
Ginseng is one of the most popular medicinal plants in the world, having been used for it's
therapeutic properties since ancient time. Ginseng helps the cerebral function by increasing
blood flow to the brain, which in turn assures better oxygenation and a higher intake of nutrients
at that level. That not only helps with memory but with concentration as well. Other beneficial
effects include helping the immune system or balancing the metabolism.

Sage is a nice smelling plant often used as a condiment in certain types of food as well as in
aromatherapy. When it comes to the brain, sage has a calming effect, helping people concentrate
better even in the loudest environments or when under a great deal of stress. Great for helping
you study on the last day before the exam when you're all stressed out!

There are two types of wormwood used in natural medicine: common wormwood (Artemisia
vulgaris) and tree wormwood (Artemisia absinthium - has a bitter taste and is used in the making
of absynthe). While tree wormwood is used in the making of some drinks, the one used for
memory stimulation is common wormwood.

Mint is most useful when you're in a state of fatigue brought on by stress or mental exhaustion.
In fact, italian researchers have discovered that mint leaves contain a dozen chemical compounds
that inhibit aggressivity centers in the brain. That being said, although the calming effect is
immediate, maximum effiecienty is only achieved after using mint for at least 12 days either
through drinking tea, as a condiment or by using mint oils.

We all know the smell of vanilla right? Well the aroma of vanilla is actually very effective at
stimulating the cerebral cortex and thus increasing concentration and memory. Other effects
include revitalizing the cardiac, respiratory and digestiv systems, making it a good addition to
any workout as well.

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