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									Teach teens saving money techniques
Most teens of this generation know nothing about how to make a proper budget and in fact teens
saving money is something almost unheard of, the current generation being much more
consumption oriented than previous ones. This needs to change however, youngsters must be
taught saving money techniques and proper money management to prevent them from becoming
iresponsible spenders as they grow older. And who has the biggest responsibility in this?
Obviously, the parents of today!

Tips for parents
Educate your teenagers about the meaning of money from the earliest age. In fact, as soon as
they learn to count you should gradually explain things like prices and the value of different bills
and coins to them.

Give their allowances but also encourage them to save for the future, find out what they want
and tell them that by saving from their allowance they can eventually get it themselves instead of
waiting for Christmas or a birthday to receive it as a gift.

Give your children piggy banks where they can put coins they receive as small change or other
small sums. Do this while they are young and you will teach them the value of saving money.
Once they are teenagers you can even open bank accounts for them to deposit larger sums.

Instill a strong work ethic in your children by teaching them to work for money. You can do
this by beginning to pay them small sums for doing household chores, making them appreciate
the value of earned money and also encouraging them to spend it wisely.

And last but not least, lead by example! Spend your money wisely and show it to your kids as
well. Show them that you use a budget by learning how to save money at the grocery store and
show them that your saving means more money for their needs!

Tips for teens saving money
      Always check if you are eligible for any scholarship or grant
      Keep yourself buys, there are plenty of things you can do that are free to join and fun.
       Otherwise you might end up paying cash for movie or video games rentals, things that
       you don't really need
      If you are a student, take advantage of student discounts. Student IDs give plenty of
       useful discounts in different establishments
      Quit eating at fast food restaurants all the time, it's not good for your health or your
       budget. It's fine to go out every now and then but don't become reliant on them
      Try to get a part time job, obviously this means less need for saving money!

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