Eligible Surplus Lines Companies

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					                                        STATE OF MAINE
                                         Bureau of Ins.
                                Eligible Surplus Lines Companies

                    Changes Occur Periodically When Companies Are Added or Deleted

 1. ACE European Group Limited**                           50.   General Star Indemnity Co.
 2.   Acceptance Indemnity Ins. Co.                        51.   Genesis Indemnity Ins. Co.
 3.   Admiral Ins. Co.                                     52.   Glencoe Insurance Ltd*
 4.   AIX Specialty Ins. Co.                               53.   Gotham Ins. Co.
 5.   Allianz Underwriters Ins. Co.                        54.   Great American E & S Ins. Co.
 6.   Allied World Assurance Company (US) Inc.             55.   Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC*
 7.   American Empire Surplus Lines Ins. Co.               56.   Guilford Ins. Co.
 8.   American Equity Ins. Co.                             57.   Gulf Underwriters Ins. Co.
 9.   American Int’l Specialty Lines Ins. Co.              58.   Hallmark Specialty Ins. Co.
10.   American Modern Surplus Lines Ins Co.                59.   HCC Specialty Ins. Co.
11.   American Safety Indemnity Co.                        60.   Hiscox Specialty Ins. Co.
12.   American Western Home Ins. Co.                       61.   Homeland Ins. Co. of New York
13.   AmTrust Int’l Underwriters Ltd*                      62.   Houston Casualty Co.
14.   Appalachian Ins. Co.                                 63.   Hudson Specialty Ins. Co.
15.   Arch Excess & Surplus Lines Ins. Co.                 64.   Illinois EMCASCO Ins. Co.
16.   Arch Specialty Ins. Co.                              65.   Illinois Union Ins. Co.
17.   Aspen Ins. UK LTD*                                   66.   Indian Harbor Ins. Co.
18.   Aspen Specialty Ins. Co.                             67.   Infrassure Ltd. *
19.   Atlantic Casualty Ins. Co.                           68.   Integon Specialty Ins. Co.
20.   AXIS Specialty Europe Ltd. *                         69.   Interstate Fire & Casualty Co.
21.   AXIS Surplus Ins. Co.                                70.   Ironeshore Specialty Ins. Co.
22.   Benchmark Ins. Co.                                   71.   James River Ins. Co.
23.   Berkley Regional Specialty Ins. Co.                  72.   Lancashire Ins. Co. Ltd
24.   Berkshire Hathaway Int’l Ins. Ltd. *                 73.   Lancashire Ins. Co. (UK) Ltd *
25.   Canal Indemnity Co.                                  74.   Landmark American Ins. Co.
26.   Capitol Specialty Ins. Corp.                         75.   Lantana Insurance Ltd. *
27.   Catlin Ins Co (U.K.) Ltd*                            76.   Lexington Ins. Co.
28.   Catlin Specialty Ins. Co.                            77.   Liberty Surplus Ins. Corp.
29.   Century Surety Co.                                   78.   Mapfre Global Risks, Compania Internacional
30.   Chubb Custom Ins. Co.                                      de Seguras Y Reaseguros, S.A.*
31.   Cincinnati Specialty Ins. Co.                        79.   Marine Ins Co. Ltd. (the) *
32.   Colony Ins. Co.                                      80.   Markel International Ins. Co. Ltd. *
33.   Columbia Casualty Co.                                81.   Max Specialty Ins. Co.
34.   Companion Specialty Ins Co.                          82.   Mitsui Sumitomo Ins. Co (Europe) Ltd. *
35.   Crum & Forester Specialty Ins. Co.                   83.   MT Hawley Ins. Co.
36.   Darwin Select Ins. Co.                               84.   National Fire & Marine Ins. Co.
37.   Discover Specialty Ins Co                            85.   Nautilus Ins. Co.
38.   Dominion Ins. Co. LTD                                86.   Navigators Specialty Ins. Co.
39.   Empire Indemnity Ins. Co.                            87.   NAXOS Ins. Co.
40.   Endurance American Specialty Ins. Co.                88.   Noetic Specialty Ins. Co.
41.   Essex Ins. Co.                                       89.   North American Capacity Ins. Co.
42.   Evanston Ins. Co.                                    90.   North Light Specialty Ins. Co.
43.   Everest Indemnity Ins. Co.                           91.   Northfield Ins. Co.
44.   Executive Risk Specialty Ins. Co.                    92.   Nutmeg Ins. Co.
45.   First Financial Ins. Co.                             93.   Orion Ins. Co. PLC
46.   First Mercury Ins. Co.                               94.   Pacific Ins. Co. LTD
47.   First Specialty Ins. Corp.                           95.   Penn America Ins. Co.
48.   Founders Ins. Co.                                    96.   Philadelphia Ins. Co.
49.   Gemini Ins. Co.                                      97.   Praetorian Specialty Ins. Co.

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                                                    STATE OF MAINE
                                                     Bureau of Ins.
                                         Eligible Surplus Lines Companies

 98.     Prime Ins. Co.
 99.     Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
100.     Professional Underwriters Liability Ins. Co.
101.     Progressive American Ins. Co.
102.     Protective Specialty Ins. Co.
103.     QBE Specialty Ins. Co.
104.     Quanta Specialty Lines Ins. Co.
105.     Rockhill Ins. Co
106.     Royal Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
107.     Safeco Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
108.     Scottsdale Ins. Co.
109.     Seneca Specialty Ins. Co.
110.     Sirius Int’l Ins. Corp. *
111.     Specialty Surplus Ins. Co.
112.     SR International Business Ins. Co.
113.     St Paul Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
114.     Starr Surplus Lines Ins Co.
115.     Steadfast Ins. Co.
116.     Sunderland Marine Mutual Ins. Co. Ltd. *
117.     Swiss Re Int’l SE*
118.     TT Club Mutual Ins. Ltd*
119.     Tokio Marine Europe Ins. Ltd.*
120.     Travelers Excess & Surplus Lines Co.
121.     Tudor Ins. Co.
122.     Underwriters at Lloyds (to the extent that the
           syndicates are included on the NAIC list of alien
           insurers) *
123.     United National Ins. Co.
124.     United State Liability Ins. Co.
125.     USF Ins. Co.
126.     GeoVera Specialty Ins. Co.
127.     Valiant Specialty Ins. Co.
128.     Voyager Indemnity Co
129.     Westchester Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
130.     Western Heritage Ins. Co.
131.     Western World Ins. Co.
132.     ZC Specialty Ins. Co.

 *   Indicates Alien (outside US) Surplus Lines Carrier

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