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             Integrated Software Services Ltd (ISSL) is a
             software development and consulting company
             providing services, solutions and products to
             enterprises worldwide.

             ISSL's vision is to enable enterprises derive
             maximum value from information technology.

             We will achieve this by producing innovative
             products and services that meet our customers'
             evolving needs.

              What We Do

             We offer an array of technology solutions and
             services backed by expertise and industry
             experience. These services range from e-business
             applications development through design and
             development of client/server database applications
             to the implementation of industry-leading
             ERP/CRM solutions.
Our Spectrum Of Services Include
 How We Do It

With core competencies in information technology,
internet technology, outsourced applications
development and information systems consulting
ISSL approaches the market as a unified IT services
firm providing clients the solutions they need to meet
their strategic business objectives.

We serve clients by delivering information
technology services and solutions that transform
their businesses in practical, measurable ways. Our
services and solutions are focused on each client's
specific needs thus helping clients accelerate
growth, streamline operations, and create new
levels of customer value.

ISSL's e-business practice helps large companies
leverage their traditional strengths and technologies
to take full advantage of e-business by capitalizing
on the growth and productivity that can be achieved
through integrating many companies into common
 Who We Serve

For more than 10 years, ISSL has been working with
clients, guiding them through the maze of constant
technology change while maintaining a focus on
delivering business results. The company has
consistently and successfully helped its clients by
providing innovative integrated solutions tailored to a
wide range of industries. This has been possible
because of the experience of ISSL's people, its
collaborative culture, its hardware and software
independence, and a history of managing mission-
critical and highly complex programs. In the process,
ISSL has developed standard solutions for a number
of industries:


Many companies choose a consulting firm that understands business
strategies and is good at generating ideas, but lacks the technical expertise to
turn those ideas into reality. Others enlist a technology company that is adept at
designing and deploying information systems, but fails to c o m p r e h e n d t h e
precise needs of the business. These firms leave you with snazzy new
technologies that don't solve the problems at hand, or
- worse still - create new problems altogether.

We take the time to understand your requirements,
and then tailor complete solutions that deliver
tangible value to the enterprise. We listen to your
ideas, delve into your concerns, and consider every
aspect of the problem - from the underlying business
processes to the importance of change management
to the merits of various technologies. Then we craft
unique information systems that move your business
forward and yield a measurable return on

One company. Two disciplines. It's rare that you find a business consultant who
truly understands technology, or a technology guru who really knows your
business. But that's exactly what you'll get from ISSL. Our consultants have
years of experience working with senior executives to drive innovation, improve
profitability, reduce costs, and get closer to clients.

Over the last 10 years, we have focused on leveraging new technologies in a
proven, cost-effective fashion, giving us the insight to construct targeted
solutions for each client’s situation. Our consultants have established a track
record of knowing when a technology is mature enough to be put into
production, and how to architect information systems that take advantage of
upcoming advancements that you can only imagine today.
                                                OUR SERVICES

E-Business Solutions

It wasn't long ago you were considered cutting-edge if you simply
had a presence on the Web. Then, to remain competitive you
needed to sell your products and services online. Now, next-
generation e-business demands that you deliver customer value
beyond the transaction, while lowering your costs and accelerating
return on investment.

Value beyond the transaction means developing a customer-centric
approach to e-commerce no matter what your business model is
(business-to-business or business-to-consumer). Touching
customers wherever they are. On another continent. From their
PDAs. Around the clock. You'll forge new customer
relationships and grow existing ones.
Relationships that will help generate
new revenue and increase your
profit margins.
                                                                        OUR SERVICES

You can take these relationships further with new e-business solutions. Whether you are building
your business on the Web, or expanding your business to the Web, ISSL e-business solutions and
services will help propel you into the next generation of e-commerce.

ISSL has deep understanding of the technologies driving the internet - HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA,
CFML, ASP, XML, PHP, COM/COM+. These are applied to build open, standards-based e-
commerce solutions that let our clients compete on a level playing field.
Flexible, scalable, secure and proven, our solutions give you a rock-solid platform to:

    • Get your site up and running quickly and cost-effectively
    •Establish and sustain valuable customer relationships
    •Genuinely conduct secure e-business on a global scale
    •Get to market faster
    •Reduce sourcing and transaction costs
    •Streamline purchasing processes
    •Integrate your site with existing business-critical processes and systems
    •Adapt on the fly as markets shift and business goals evolve
    •Solidify relationships with buyers, trading partners and suppliers
    •Clearly distinguish your e-business from the competition


A website is more than just a mode of
communication. For most companies, websites
now establish first level impression about their
services and products. At ISSL, we understand
the importance of good, information-rich
websites that can replace your sales pitch. Our
familiarity with the Internet medium has given us a
strong fundamental base. This, combined with
our design expertise, helps us create great-
looking websites that also address good user experience.

Online Stores

E-commerce opens up new communication paths for finding customers worldwide, promoting
your brand, selling goods and services, supporting the sales process and enhancing customer
services. With electronic commerce you can increase your visibility and revenues, establish a 24-
                                                            OUR SERVICES

hour presence and enter new markets.

ISSL helps businesses to transform physical stores into virtual stores
online by creating visually exciting, powerfully interactive catalogues
on the Internet at an affordable price. Our services on developing
your online store encompasses comprehensive solutions, which
include :

   • E-commerce Business Consultancy
   • Setting up of Virtual Storefronts
   • System Architecture
   • Integration of Shopping Cart
   • Online Secured Payment Gateway Setup
   • Integration with Enterprise Application System
   • Site Administration Tool
   • Deploying the Site on Secured Server
   • Interfaces with Logistic Service Provider
   • Site Traffic and Sales Statistics

Intranet Design & Development
Our Web design and Web application development
 expertise enables us to create robust intranets that
 connect clients' personnel directly with human resources, procurement, and
 other administrative systems. Clients are able to gain greater control over
 administrative costs while empowering individuals to access and update
 information on the fly. By integrating these Web-based applications with the
 clients' HR and administrative systems, we enable information liquidity within the
 enterprise and enable our clients to lower the administrative costs related to
 employee management.

Portals, contents and knowledge management
In the computer age, we have seen an explosion in the volume of information
available in electronic form. This information comes in many different forms -
structured data as well as unstructured documents of many types - and is often
made useful through contextual and collaborative interactions that leverage the
                                                          OUR SERVICES

However, it can also be more difficult for individuals to quickly locate the
information they need, when they need it, in a useful form. This challenge has led
to the popularity of portals as an entry point to information.

What is a Portal?
In general, a portal is a single, web-based interface into what would otherwise be
disconnected and incompatible information spread across numerous separate
applications. There are three key characteristics of a portal:

    One stop shopping" that
    provides access to content,
    applications and collaborative or
    community building functionality
    Personalized views that provide
    this access in the context of an
    individual's preferences and
    business rules
    Flexible navigation, including
    both pre-defined roadmaps and
    powerful free-form search
Portals are valuable to users when
they simplify complex information, are
context-specific, provide useful services and/or foster collaboration and
community building.

ISSL's Portal Consulting Services
As the portal market space expands rapidly, challenges abound - integration of
multiple applications and repositories, security and privacy concerns,
performance requirements from demanding users, combination of multiple
"vertical" portals within a single enterprise, management of the content creation
and publication cycle, and constant technological change and innovation.

ISSL portal and content management service has a proven approach to assist
our clients throughout the life cycle of a portal project. ISSL has formed
                                                                 OUR SERVICES

Partnerships with many leading portal
vendors including NQContent, Typo3 and
FarCry enabling us to build the best
solutions to meet a variety of client needs.

We recommend a rapid and iterative
approach that enables our clients to make
progress towards delivering business value
while allowing flexibility in the face of rapid
technological change. Our service offerings
include: Portal Assessment, Portal Design, and Portal

ISSL provides leading edge custom application development services for both new
developments and significant functional enhancement and maintenance of existing
applications across all computing platforms. Our professionals provide the expertise to
plan, design, build, test and implement applications fully integrated into your business
process and system environment. ISSL is committed to a multi-vendor, open systems
environment and utilizes state-of-the-art tools, processes and methodologies to create
highly effective user-centered applications.

Our services provide rapid delivery of application function and reduced cycle times
designed to minimize project risk and cost while maintaining high-quality delivery. Our
application development approach is focused on helping businesses rapidly re-engineer
selected business processes and systems through prioritization of activities, extensive
use of solutions prototyping, and time-boxed project management. This approach
significantly reduces the risk and cost of systems development and enables more rapid
response to the changing business environment.

In addition, we can also analyze and assess your application development process and
procedures to improve their effectiveness. Our consultants are experts in all aspects of
the application development process including design, development, and implementation
of client/server applications as well as maintenance, evaluation of application designs,
migration of applications to new releases, documentation, testing, training, systems
analysis, data analysis, and performance monitoring. Engagements can be tailored to
one, many or all aspects of the overall application development process for improvement.

ISSL Enterprise Resource Planning services targets all the fundamental issues associated with
planning, selecting, implementing, and extending ERP solutions. ISSL consultants and IT specialists
can help you meet the challenges of the Internet economy by offering real solutions for your business:
helping you succeed with your ERP implementations.

Our people can help your company reduce integration complexity, diminish cost, manage and fulfill
inventory through supply chain management, reduce time to market, increase efficiency through
mobile and wireless technology, and improve partner relations through customer relationship
management. ISSL can assist customers in managing the complexity of their ERP environments, while
reducing their time to market, accelerating ERP implementation time, and assisting them in their goal of
becoming an e-business.

            The premise of getting and keeping customers is simple. Understand their wants and
            needs. Offer a good product. Surround them with superb service. Make it easy for them -
            and profitable for you - to do business.

            The challenge is to make that happen across your entire organization - from sales and
            marketing to service and support - in the field, on the phone and over the Web. Because in
            this Internet-powered age of fierce global competition, where customers have more
            choices than ever before, offering good products is not enough. Prosperity depends on
            acquiring profitable customers cost-effectively -- and meeting their needs so thoroughly
            that they keep coming back. Loyal customers for life. That's the goal. How do you get there?
            By using the very technology that's driving today's customer expectations -- Web-enabled
            interaction and information delivery. With enterprise-wide e-business solutions for
            customer relationship management, you can:
            ·       • Offer superior customer service through every customer touch point
                    • Work smarter and more efficiently behind the scenes
                   • Personalize products and services based on a detailed knowledge of your
            customers Build bridges between your existing systems and departments
            ISSL customer relationship management services can help you identify, select, acquire,
            develop and retain your greatest asset - customers. We provide a flexible, comprehensive
            portfolio of services that can be tailored to your specific requirements:

        Consulting, to get you started with an overarching strategy for success
        Design, implementation and integration of your marketing, sales and
        services/support solutions
        Customer data management and analysis expertise, to help you turn
        information into insight you can use to serve your customers better
        Marketing savvy and deep industry knowledge
        Complete process outsourcing

All of the above are built on the solid foundation of ISSL technology know-how,
leading-edge CRM process expertise, call center experience, global scope and
industry insight. Add our commitment to partner with companies which offer
emerging, best-of-class technologies, consulting and services, and you have
everything you need to compete and win.

ePayment Solutions
By leveraging our expertise in virtual banking, payments systems, the
Internet, and systems integration, we help clients offer their customers cutting
edge electronic electronic billing and payment solutions. Whether through
secure Internet sites, electronic data interchange (EDI), or other forms of
electronic payment and presentment, we help clients provide their customers
with flexible, consistent, and convenient service.

    Our e-payments solutions include:

    Funds Transfer                      An electronic web/mobile
                                        phone/touchtone phone based
                                        services that facilitate same-
                                        day, future dated local funds

    PositivePay                         A fraud-eliminating cheque
                                        disbursement method enabling
                                        organizations to identify any
                                        exceptional item before payment

                                        Web-based facility enabling
      WebACH                            enterprise with large payables to
                                        originate payment instructions
                                        directly from their account payable
                                        systems and within the comfort of
                                        their office

      Electronic Bill                   A web based facility enabling utilities
      Presentment and                   and other large volume billers to
      Payment                           distribute invoices and receive
                                        payments electronically

ISSL's product suite presently consists of:

Bankeasy is our next-generation front-end framework for deploying the best of
breed Internet banking and financial services business model
demanded by today's customers.
Custom-built to suit the specific needs of each client,
Bankeasy's scalable and flexible architecture is
customer-centric to enable you to take customer
services to new heights and express your corporate
identity creatively without sacrificing security of data.
Built to open standards, Bankeasy, upon which
Guaranty Trust Bank's award-winning e-banking portal
is built, easily and seamlessly integrates with most
standard banking applications. It is also deployable in less
time than is required by competing applications, resulting
in a more reasonable overall cost.

iBanking is an integrated accounting, transaction handling, customer service and
    management reporting system. iBanking is real-time, modular, menu-driven and
    flexible; its modules include General Ledger & Customer Management
    (otherwise called Integra Banking Central) which form the core on which other
    modules are built. The operational business modules sit around this 'Core',
    capturing and administering accounts, transactions and contract. The modules
    address the different areas of your business and are specialised by type of
    business processing. ISSL has a policy of developing new business modules
    and enhancing the existing functionality to further broaden the range of business
    that iBanking supports.
    The standard business modules include:
    •Retail Banking (RB) for managing the full range of retail banking products and
    branch activities,
    •Money Market (MM) for the banks treasury management and money market
    •Treasury Bills (TB) for trading in government treasury bills
                                                                  OUR PRODUCTS

•Loans & Advances (L&A) for loans, advances and general credit administration,
•Stock Broking (SB) for Stock broking and investment management,
•Bank Account Reconciliation
(BAR) for inter-branch and
nostro/vostro account
iBanking is software for the
speed of today's business. The
iBanking application and its
interface were constructed to run
on Microsoft® Windows
platforms so they would be
simple to understand and easily
accessible--ensuring our
customers become rapidly self-
sufficient. Behind the scenes, however, iBanking banking and financial management
software carries power and complexity--running on relational database system like
Oracle® and Microsoft SQL Server--to deliver long-term value and a significant return
on investment for your company.

Info-Pool is a web-based application that assists bank to keep track of the status of
receivables collected on behalf of government institutions and other corporates and
facilitates the reporting of collections in different ways. Collections are made by the
banks (main participant and sub-agents) and the system allows the user to monitor the
status of the collections by presenting the user with a consolidated position just as if all
the accounts are local to the main participating bank. Management reports and
analyses are generated to assist the receivables customer. The system while limited to
receivable customers only will also allow them to view other non-receivable accounts
that are maintained at the bank.

ISSL's Web2SMS is a generic totally web-based application providing a fully
integrated SMS communication tool that is launched within any Internet browser-
compatible device.
                                                                    OUR PRODUCTS

Web2SMS provides a full SMS communication framework with address book
functions, multi user management, reporting and account management whilst also
providing administrative functions for controlling and managing the other component
of the ISSL Web2SMS system. Web2SMS provides a fast and cost effective
solution for any organisation wanting to enable their web site for two-way SMS

Key Features:
         two-way SMS text messaging from any Internet browser
         advanced usage reporting, by cost centre, username and destination
         Complete account management plus custom SMS prefix and branding
         multi-level user access
         multi-part SMS message sending
         full address book management for contacts and groups
         SMS database access on demand!

Diliv! SMS is ISSL's own e-commerce venture, allowing anyone to send SMS messages to any
mobile phone in the world. Diliv!SMS is based on ISSL's web to sms engine Web2SMS.

                 Coporate Office:
                 15, Akinsemoyin Street, (off Eric Moore Road)
                 Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

                 01-774 8219, 791 5935 , 790 5570

                 01-584 5619


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