Agape Hypnotherapy's Smoking Cessation Program

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					                    Agapé Hypnotherapy’s
                  Smoking Cessation Program

           Live a Long and Happy Life!

At Agapé Hypnotherapy, we understand the commitment it takes to quit
the smoking habit. That’s why our Smoking Cessation Program uses the
best of many modalities to help you become free of tobacco in any form.

Our program uses the power of hypnotherapy to help you gain back your
health, confidence and sense of control. We also utilize up-to-date
cognitive-behavioral therapy methods, and have acupuncture available to
help you overcome nicotine dependence. In individualized sessions, we
will discuss the three aspects of tobacco use: behavioral habit,
psychological addiction, and physical addiction.

Nancy Marnellos
Our smoking cessation clients will work with smoking cessation
specialist Nancy Marnellos. As a successful ex-smoker since 2004,
Nancy personally understands the unique challenges of “becoming

Nancy is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a certified American Cancer
Society’s Fresh Start Program Facilitator.

Hypnotherapy provides the tools to help you resist cravings, and change
smoking related habits and behaviors. Sessions are tailored based on
your personal habits, triggers, needs, and motivations, to ensure your
success in becoming a non-smoker. If you have tried to quit smoking
many times before, statistically this only increases your chance of

  Let us help you in being a non-smoker
    for life and getting your life back!
Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation Program

Weekly 90-120 minute hypnotherapy sessions for three weeks and a
personalized CD specially created for you to re-enforce your hypnosis
suggestions between sessions and ongoing as needed.

    Session 1: Increasing motivation and preparing to be a non-smoker
    Session 2: Your quit date
    Session 3: Re-enforcement and addressing challenges

Sessions are scheduled at the following times:
    Thursdays     3:00 or 5:00
    Friday        4:30
    Saturday      (flexible times)

For most people 3 sessions are sufficient, if more support is needed,
additional sessions are available.

Cost $325

Payable by Check, Mastercard, or Visa

Note: A pack-a-day smoker will recoup this investment in less than six

"As a long time smoker (40+ years) who grew up in a smoking household
I figured that being a non-smoker was beyond me. Besides the
physiological addiction, the act of smoking was woven into my identity.
My physical addiction was bolstered and complicated by many years of
using smoking to "deal" with a host of emotional components. But I
really wanted and needed to quit. This approach deftly wove my personal
pitfalls and strengths into an already formidable formula and
personalized our sessions in such a way that I became an increasingly
confident and very happy non-smoker! I celebrate every day and strongly
recommend Agape Hypnotherapy to my fellows. Allow yourself to hope.
Agape Hypnotherapy can and does make those hopes come true."
                                      ~Jo Beauchemin, Burlington, VT
              “Give Me All the Help I Can Get”
                 Smoking Cessation Package
         Integrating Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is very helpful in aiding will power and minimizing
withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture before your hypnotherapy session
also creates a deep experience of relaxation which supports the
process of hypnosis. We work with acupuncturist Charles Murdock just down the hallway to give you
every added advantage to be free of cigarettes. Combined with hypnosis
you are receiving a tremendous boost in giving addiction the boot!

Acupuncture Options

Needle-less Ear Seeds
These are applied to the outer ear with special tape to stimulate specific
acupuncture points in your ears, and can be pressed on by you for
instant relief anytime. They should last several days to a week.
Cost: $30/10 minute session

Acupuncture and Ear Seeds
Receive the added benefit of acupuncture and ear seeds. Highly
recommended on your quit date.
Cost: 65/ 45 minute session.

Questions about acupuncture can be addressed at your first
hypnotherapy session. If you already know this is for you, go ahead and
schedule your acupuncture session before your hypnosis session by
calling Toyahari of Vermont at 985-8800. Please specify if you want the
acupuncture session or just the ear seeds.

Your commitment
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that will greatly help ease the transition to
becoming a non-smoker, but it is not a magic wand. Smoking clients
must approach our program with a strong desire and commitment to
quit and to take back control over their lives. You must want to stop
smoking for you, not because someone else wants you to. No one else
can make you do anything you do not want to do. If you really do not
want to become a non-smoker, any method you use whether it be
nicotine replacement, hypnosis, acupuncture or cold turkey, will fail. If
someone else is asking you to quit, ask yourself, “Even if they didn’t want
me to quit, do I really want to be a non-smoker for myself?” If a large part
of you says yes, we can work with you.

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