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									 CHARLES J. HADDOCK                                                                                  (925) 415-5283
                                                                                            San Ramon, CA 94582

B2B & B2C Business Solutions / E-Commerce / Application Development & Support / Retail Systems /
     Multi-Sites / Warehouse Management Systems / Voice & Data Networks / EDI / Help Desk
With proven business acumen and an ability to develop superior technology solutions, I resolved key performance
and quality problems to ensure greater corporate success. A driver of new business/profit increases, I’ve succeeded
in multiple industries including high tech services, health science products, retail and wholesale. My key skills
    □   Employing strategic vision and hands-on technical savvy to maximize productivity
    □   Developing superior, loyal teams to provide a competitive edge
    □   Meeting tough customer demands to boost revenues and market share
    □   Building critical support teams and infrastructure to ensure long-term excellence
    □   Effectively interfacing with all involved parties to optimize project results

Expert at employing new and emerging technologies, I have a strong history of designing/delivering mission-critical
IT initiatives that cost efficiently increase productivity and improve competitive advantage. I am skilled in exploring
new and emerging technologies as well as evaluating their appropriateness for ongoing business requirements.

                                      Representative Accomplishments

Informed Decisions Corporation – (IDC – a $10M hosted secure payment services provider)
Dramatically improved project delivery times. IDC, a software engineering/consulting firm, was taking too long to
complete implementation projects. Initiated process improvements, standardizing service module delivery (including
ERP interfaces) to improve project completion times and enable revenue growth from $5M to $10M.

Established formal customer/technical support function, fostering a 100% improvement in on-time/on-spec/on-
budget project completions. IDC had no formal client support department, causing multiple service-related
problems, poor customer satisfaction ratings and significant project delays. Fixed problems/increased Customer
Service scores to 90%+.

Matthews Book Company – (MBC – a $70M wholesale/retail medical textbook/supplies provider))
Drove major increase in order fulfillment efficiency. MBC’s system for managing $20M inventory inhibited
efficient warehouse operation and contributed to excessive shrinkage. Introduced RF-based warehouse
management system and successfully integrated it with existing ERP system. Saved $225K in shrinkage while
minimizing fulfillment errors and achieving three-fold boost in processing times.

Initiated development of website to enable online capability. MBC was uncompetitive in the lucrative Internet
marketplace. For $200K, built B2B website that saved about $30K per year in FTE expense and fostered $25M in
additional revenue production. Subsequently at least 50% of all orders came from electronic sources.

Dramatically enhanced sales force productivity, cutting 3600 man-hours by automating costly/labor-intensive
inventory process across hundreds of health science stores. Sales Reps would spend one full day comparing each
store’s inventory to MBC’s best-seller list to ensure optimum accuracy. Automated process with Palm-based
scanning application, freeing sales personnel to spend more time in the actual sales process.

Innovated a new website, driving revenues from key business niche. Medical bookstores accounted for $40M
of MBC’s annual sales. Created a menu-driven Internet resource, enabling MBC to sell directly to the end
consumer. Achieved a 13% sales increase and dramatically reduced shipping costs to produce higher margins.

Expanded functionality of dedicated inventory management/POS system, enabling $100K per year revenue
boost from sale of open-system application to health science bookstores outside the MBC chain. Formerly, the
aforementioned system was only functional in MBC-operated stores. Moved application to UNIX platform,
expanding installations from 12 to 48.
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Designed and implemented gift card program for retail store chain. Implemented a retail gift card program
including a consumer website that enabled viewing of card balances and details of all purchases. Gift cards are
valid at all store locations and on any of the store’s websites. The gift card program brought in over $100K within
the first quarter.

                                                   Career History

SVP Operations, Informed Decisions Corporation (IDC), 2007 to 2010. Recruited by $5M hosted provider of secure
payment processing solutions to lead design, deployment (including ERP integration) and hosting/support of web-
based service offerings. Maintained PCI Level 1 security certification, ensuring 24/7 system availability as well as
performance and scalability of all online applications. Doubled YOY deployment throughput and revenue, playing a
lead role in growth from $5M to $10M. Manage 20-person multi-functional team and $5M budget.

VP Information Technology, Matthews Book Company (MBC), 1995 to 2007. Oversaw all IT resources and
systems for $70M wholesale/retail supplier of medical texts and supplies to colleges and universities. Implemented
help desk, product release management practices, QA testing procedures and ongoing product development
process. Employed Best Practices to build strong development team. Expanded POS system from 12 to 48 sites to
optimize inventory management and more effectively control costs. Integrated WMS and shipping system with
existing ERP system. Developed Palm OS data collection and corresponding laptop applications, enhancing
productivity of sales force. Created disaster recovery plan. Established firm’s Internet capability and played key role
in growth from $30M to $70M+. Managed 10-person team.

Project Manager/Consultant, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC, purchased by Compaq and then by HP), 1987
to 1995. Contracted with $100M high tech company to direct several major software and hardware projects. These
included a $1.2M software migration for HP, a document archive/retrieval imaging solution for a large insurance
company and a claims processing system for another insurance firm. Managed customer relationships and
requirements, delivering projects on time and within budget and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

                                              Additional Information

I hold a Master of Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis and a BS in Computer
Science from Michigan State University. I have also continued my professional development through ongoing
studies in leadership, strategic planning and emerging technologies.

Leisure activities include reading, golf and fly fishing.

                                   Excellent references available upon request.

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