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									Big Star Content Celebrates Five Years of High Quality Copywriting

Big Star Content, one of the UK‟s leading copywriting agencies, is
celebrating its fifth birthday this month.

South Devon, England, November 02, 2010 -- Over the last half decade, Big
Star Content has built up a formidable reputation as web and SEO
copywriter for dozens of clients across the world, as well as delivering
copywriting training and content strategy services.

From freelance copywriter to leading copywriting agency

“Our focus from day one has been to deliver premium quality content for
every client, regardless of size,” explains copywriter Derryck Strachan,
Big Star‟s founder and managing director. “We work with clients in a
personal way, and by listening to who they are and what they want for
their customers, we‟re able to deliver copywriting that not only sells
but also enhances their online reputation and profile.”

Editorial control and professional copywriters

Big Star Content is unique amongst many copywriting services in that it
has an editorial process to ensure quality control when dealing with
large or complex web or SEO copywriting projects. “Having a professional
editor on the team means that every piece of work, whether that‟s a
single page or a project of 500 pages, is produced to the same
exceptional standards,” explains Derryck. “A stable of professional
permanent and freelance copywriters and a central editorial point means
that even large, multi-faceted copywriting projects can be produced
quickly and to the same high standard as a one-off article.”

Strategy and copywriting training

But Big Star Content hasn‟t just built up a reputation forweb
copywriting. They‟ve also developed a highly effective approach to
content strategy and a programme of in-house and scheduled copywriting
courses. “Our copywriting training director‟s 10 years of expertise means
that we can deliver best practice training to both clients and trainee
copywriters,” says Derryck.

Creativity, intelligence and business insight

“We‟re not just copywriters. We help businesses develop effective online
content using social media, search and online PR. It‟s never „one size
fits all‟ with us. Creativity and intelligence are central to our
approach. Years of experience, a wide skills set and a professional
attitude has contributed to our success over the last five years, and
we‟re very excited about where the next five years will take us,”
concludes Derryck.

Derryck Strachan
Big Star Content
South Devon, England
01803 865 025

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