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					                        Multi-Pure’s Free Gift With Purchase Promotion
                                     Choose Either One of These Two Products
                              with every purchase of a Multi-Pure Drinking Water System

       Y   our customers can select either one of these FREE GIFTS when they purchase their Multi-Pure
       Drinking Water System during the promotional period (November 1 - December 31, 2010). The
       Shower Filter has a value of $49.95 and the Capacity Monitor has a value of $90.00. These spe-
       cials are not automatically given and must be asked for at the time of the order. Customer must
       also include $8 in shipping and handling for the free gift.

                              MC996 Capacity Monitor
                              for 750 Below Sink Unit

 Free Upgrade to a                                                 Receive a FREE
 Capacity Monitor                                                       Shower Filter
on Below Sink Unit Purchase     MC284 Capacity Monitor
                                                                        $49.95 Value
                                                                                                         (nozzle not included)
        $90 Value               for 880 Below Sink Unit

                                                                                Shower Filter Gives You
                                                                                    -     A healthier, more enjoyable shower
                                                                                    -     Relief from dry skin and itching
Capacity Monitor Features                                                           -     Softer, more manageable hair
  -   Reminds you when you change your filter                                       -     Dechlorinated water for showering
  -   See website for more information about the capacity monitors                  -     Value of $49.95 or
  -   Value of $90.00
                                                                          Gift With Purchase Rules and Regulations
                                                                          (1) Promotional Period is November 1 - December 31, 2010.
                                                                          Orders must be received during this promotional period to be eli-
                                                                          gible for this promotion. (2a) Drinking Water Systems available
              For More Information, Contact:                              for the Free Upgrade to a Capacity Monitor Gift With Purchase
                                                                          special include: MP750SB and MP880SB. (2b) Drinking Water
                                                                          Systems available for the Free Shower Filter Gift With Purchase
                                                                          special include: MP750, MP1200EL, MP880, MPCT, MPAD,
                                                                          TO15000, TO30000, and the MP750PlusRO. (3) This Gift with
                                                                          Purchase special is available with the Aquamania and
                                                                          Filtermania, but can not be combined with other promotions. (4)
                                                                          This promotion is not available with Rental, Fast Track, Demo,
                                                                          Inventory, and Information orders. (5) The Gift with Purchase
                                                                          special is available on drinking water systems purchased on the
                                                                          0% Financing Program. (6) This Gift with Purchase special must
                                                                          be requested at the time of purchase; this special will not be auto-
                                                                          matically given. No exceptions. (7) There is no limit to the num-
                                                                          ber of Gift with Purchase specials an individual can purchase. (8)
                                                                          The Free Gift is shipped in the box with the drinking water sys-
           Multi-Pure Corporation                                         tem and may not be shipped to a different address. (9) Customers
           7251 Cathedral Rock Drive                                      must pay a flat $8 shipping and handling fee for the Gift with
                                                                          Purchase item. (10) Should an order be cancelled, the customer
           Las Vegas, NV 89128 * (800) 622-9206
                                                                          must return this free gift along with the unit, or the value will be
  *                 deducted from the refund.