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					Our Aim is to give you a real life time opportunity of
                                                     making rapid and enormous money
                  through a revolutionary online business opportunity.

                                    As you go through the presentation you will start believing that
                                    you can also change your life with this mind blowing business

                                    And its not too hard and difficult because our experts team has
                                    made it more flexible and more easier.

                                     LEGAL, EASY AND PROFITABLE

                                     FREE HOTEL PACKAGE FOR FANCY 3 TO 5
                                      STAR BUSINESS HOTELS.

                                     FAST, REVOLVING AND INCREASING INCOME

                                     FANTASTIC AWARDS
A leader is Born

     Yes We are a truly multi national venture coming
            up with this life changing opportunity
             for the strugglers and the leaders
      all around the globe . We are head quartered in
      one of the fastest growing and stable country
         of the world India with five international
       Offices coming in USA , Europe , China , Africa
                            and UAE.
        We have a reputation of highly customized ,
        vastly experienced, honest and trustworthy
              Global Headquarter And                 Corporate Offices

                                         Success street .
                            Business avenue, Koregaon park, L6,Pune ,

          SUCCESS EUROPE LLC.                                         Success Africa
19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806.                  6 ,Gateway Autocity 2 Jubilee Grove,
                   USA.                                          Umhlanga Rocks Durban
                                                                      South Africa.
Integrity and expertise

              Success street is strengthened
              by dynamic and highly professional
              leaders from the Network Marketing
              industry from all over the world,
              who are committed and dedicated to
              invest all their experience and knowledge
              for a better future of this industry.
              It is a group of people
              who wanted to add more
              ethical values and trust in this type
              of business model.
The success street benefits
                         Success Street would let you enjoy exclusive
                         travel packages with your family & friends and
                         allow you to visit the palaces, forests, forts, hill
                         stations, beaches, historical monuments and
                         would let you enjoy adventurous tours and
                         leisure weekends.

                         And as an IBO (independent business owner)
                         of Success Street you will also have the chance
                         to participate in our thrilling and globally
                         accepted business opportunity, to make a lot
                         of money in a legal and easy way !
      JUST Pamper yourself !
      With all the luxuries and comforts
      on the earth.

                                                         Hold your breath…
Success holidays
           This is not just a holiday but a real success
           holiday with 3 night 4 days vacation
           package in one of the luxurious hotels at
           exotic locations and the magic which
           brings you up above the sky by giving you
           a lifetime experience of flying free with
           your loved one and have wonderful and
           unforgettable memories of life .

                           This is the way to
                           relax your self and
                           live the life with
                           refreshed mind and
                           charge body and we
                           really mean it !
Success holiday package includes the luxurious
                features like :

                   A 3 night 4 days royal stay to pamper yourself in one of
                   the 3 to 5 star deluxe hotels / resorts across the

                   Wow ! Start of the day with complimentary breakfast
                   and heavy discounts on food everyday.

                   And Guess what !!!

                   This will definitely bring smile on your face…

                   Free to and fro air tickets* for you and your special
                   one. Isn’t it exciting ! And not only that you will
                   also have…
A chance to change your future
Be An Independent Business owner (IBO) and lead
the world with your own skills and ideas, and fulfill
   your dreams and desires with success street.

Come… be a part of a multi billion business structure
and ensure your present and future with world class
               standards of living…
Accept the next super power of Network Marketing Industry !

                          This fabulous concept is accepted Hand to hand by
                         experts of industry from everywhere in the world with
                                           Great Appreciation.
Thousands Of Smiling Faces

    Next can be yours !!!
Do you want to build and concrete your financial future ?
             Join us become an Independent Business Owner
           (IBO )and ultimately get a chance to earn monthly ,
               weekly and almost daily with this extremely
                        powerful business concept.

        Earn money all the way all the time with every milestone of
                             success street.
Success street revolutionary compensation plan
                       Our compensation plan includes
                       four prominent and
                       successive ways of regular income.

                          1) BOARD PAYOUTS.

                          2) GROUP DEVELOPMENT INCOME.

                          3) ROYALTY INCOME.

                          4) AWARDS AND REWARDS.
            More easier most productive compensation
             plan of the network marketing industry ….
                                       SAME !
Board Payouts
         Here are the three
         successive milestones
         In the journey of Success Street:

        1) SUCCESS BOARD


                                        The Success board
      This is the place where you are starting your journey on the street which brings you success with
                                  every milestone and this is the first one.

The entry in Success Street costs 14000/-
When you join Success Street you start in this first board and get a position at Level 1. When the eight
positions of Level 1 are filled, the board breaks into two sub-boards, giving you an uplift to the next level.
There are 4 levels in each board, and members are pushed up from level 1 to level 4 with a combined effort
of all IBO’s existing in the board. As the board breaks, the IBO on level 4 cycles and gets an entry in the next
Prime Success board. This way the power of the matrix helps each and every IBO to reach his desired goal.

The successful cycler will just double his investment and earn a handsome commission of 28000 /-as a
starting bonus. All you need is to just sponsor two people below yourself and start the journey to success.

                      Success board payout : 28000/-
                                           SUCCESS BOARD
  When the board breaks up, Level 4 position moves to prime success board and earns a startup
                                      bonus of 28000/-

                                                     Level 4

                       Level 3                                                     Level 3

          Level 2                       Level 2                       Level 2                       Level 2

Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1
                                The PRIME SUCCESS board
   This is second milestone in your way to success . The name of the board itself suggests that this
                                  would be a prime success for you .

In this innovative pattern we have made it very easy for you to earn handsome money with lesser efforts
and in a shorter time.
The board starts giving you payments as soon as you are on Level 4 of the board. When you reach the Level
4 in this Prime Success board you don’t need to wait for the board to break and receive the money. You
start receiving your payouts as soon as fillings on the Level 1 position start.
Every time a Level 1 position is filled up you will get partial payment of your total payout, and when the
board breaks you receive the remaining amount of your complete payout.

             PRIME SUCCESS board payout of                             4,20,000/-
                                   PRIME SUCCESS BOARD
                                                     Level 4

                       Level 3                                                     Level 3

          Level 2                       Level 2                       Level 2                       Level 2

Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1   Level 1              Level 1

 42000              28000     28000               28000     28000               28000        28000            2,10,000
                             The GRAND SUCCESS board
Now you are on the expressway to success ! In this board you start earning money when you’re at
Level 3 ! Every time a Level 1 position is filled up you will get partial payment of your total payout,
which is 3,50,000/-at this level.
And again when you’re at Level 4 you receive money every time a Level 1 position is filled, so all and
all you earn a total payout of 7,00,000/- at this level.

In addition when you cycle out of this third board you get a free position in the Prime Success Board !
What’s more this free position will be offered a referral in the board so that it will cycle faster to
Grand Success board again !

GRAND SUCCESS board payout : 10,50,000/- + 1 free entry + 1 free referral in
                         Prime Success board .
                                 GRAND SUCCESS BOARD
                                                     Level 4

                       Level 3                                                      Level 3

          Level 2                       Level 2                        Level 2                       Level 2

Level 1             Level 1   Level 1             Level 1   Level 1              Level 1   Level 1             Level 1

  42000               28000      28000            28000        28000              28000       28000        1,40,000
  70,000              42000      42000            42000        42000              42000       42000        3,78,000
Follow the leader
      When your position moves to the next board, it is
      placed in your sponsor’s board. The same way your
      referrals’ positions will follow yours in the boards.

      Same thing for your free entry: your referrals’ free
      positions will follow yours, therefore no need for you
      to sponsor more referrals to make it cycle.

      This « Follow the leader » concept is very powerfull
      since it allows you to make a lot of money with only
      two referrals.
The more   Referral’s you have, the better it is !
           You must have minimum two referrals to win the Jackpot in this network,
           and two referrals is enough. But if you can sponsor more than two people,
           it’s even better !

           The system will automatically place your additional referrals below those of
           your referrals who don’t have their two direct referrals yet. It’s called the
           « spillover ». Therefore when you sponsor more than two people you help
           your down line, and in this network, if you help your down line, you help
           yourself ! All the more so that those spillover referrals will follow you when
           they move to the next board. You lend those spillover referrals to your
           downline and you get them back later.

           It is very interesting for you to sponsor your two referrals as soon as
           possible when you enter the first board, because then you can pass those
           who have been less quick.
           Example : You are on Level 1 et you already have your two direct referrals
           when the board breaks. If an IBO on Level 2 has only one referral or none at
           all, you will pass him and move directly to Level 3 !
Group Development Income

                   This is the income which you start
                   earning as soon as you cycle out
                   of the prime success board. This
                   leveraged and regular income is
                   credited to your e - wallet
                   monthly this income is calculated
                   from the same day you cycle out
                   of the prime success board and it
                   will keep on increasing as your
                   rank progresses in the journey of
     As an Independent business owner (IBO) of success street
             when you start expanding your business your
                group development income increases
                  according to your rank as follows
       CRITERIA                   RANK                  GROUP DEVELOPMENT INCOME




          In success street we always value and appreciate your efforts and determination for
  the development of your team and this how you are honored with this strong, stable and increasing
                                         type of income called

     A Grand Star IBO having two Grand Star IBO’s in his down line (1 left leg and 1 right leg direct)
will be recognized as Royal IBO of Success Street. He will be eligible for the Royalty income: 3% of net
profit of the company will be shared between the Royal IBO’s each month + VIP status for all Success
                                            Street’s events !
Awards And inspiration
            The Success Street IBO’s receive fantastic
            awards as their down lines develop. And
            what is really great is that indirect referrals
            are also taken into account and will also help
            you receive your rewards !

            Not only will you be rewarded, but you will
            also be in the limelight as those awards will
            be delivered in the national events and
            seminars organized on a regular basis.

            Those incentives range from LCD TV sets
            and stays in 5 star hotels in dream islands to
            Mercedes-Benz luxury cars ...
Team work and solidarity
        You will receive those luxurious awards when
        people in your down line will cycle out of the Prime
        and Grand Success boards.

        This means that in this activity you can never win
        alone. Only team work and solidarity will bring you
        to the top. This is why your Success Street up line is
        ready to help you succeed in this great adventure.

        Helping your down line to succeed is the best way
        to succeed yourself, and that’s what is so beautiful
        about our compensation plan !
            First Award : a LCD TV set or a laptop
When you have cycled out of the Prime Success board and three people in your down
line have done the same (at least 1 direct referral), you have the choice between a
LCD TV set and a latest technology laptop.
Second Award : a week for 2 in a five star hotel
           When you have cycled out of the Grand Success board and ten
           people in your down line have cycled out of the prime success
           board (at least 1 direct referral on each side), you will receive a
           week stay for 2 people in a five star hotel all expenses paid,
           flights included. You will have the choice between several dream
           Note that the first three referrals that made you win the first
           award are taken into account, which means you only need seven
           more to jump in the plane !
                       Third Award : 250 grams of gold
A Grand IBO having 6 Grand IBO’s (3 on each side among whom at least 1 direct) in his down line
              will qualify for the third incentive and receive 250 grams of gold.
              Fourth Award : a luxury Mercedes-Benz
You will drive that beautiful Mercedes-Benz when you’re a Grand Star IBO with 1O Grand Star
                           IBO’s in your down line (5 on each side) !
                                Join us !
Just visit Success Street’s official website to sign up :

To join, you will have to buy a voucher. You will also have to enter your
sponsor’s ID. Please get in touch with the person who sent you this

If you found this presentation on the Internet and don’t have any sponsor,
please send us an email at OR call success street
 at 020 - 30242896
What is the right way to think over the issue ?
        Believing everybody is dangerous; Believing nobody is very dangerous.?
        Abraham Lincoln

                          Even God cannot change the past. . .
                          It can be understood from the above lines that the
                          fake incidences which seemed to be good
                          opportunities were all false but there has to be
                          some belief in a better possibilities.
                                          But we can change the future...
You now have the key to unlock the door
of success !
Join us !
Go and spend some real good time in
fancy hotels, and give yourself a chance to
really change your life in the long run with
this thrilling program !
We are determined to assume our responsibilities towards mother nature and the environment.
We take action and participate in afforestation programs. We also avoid use of harmful chemicals.

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