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									Tips to Create an AdSense Niche Website

Talking about AdSense is fine... but earning money by working AdSense is
better ;-)

And in order to earn money, you have to create a website.

I think that the best way to create a website is by using Joomla or
php.Nuke. The advantage of these scripts is that they allow you to create
an interactive site, a membership site, a community, a forum, etc. but it
would be too difficult to use these scripts for the Internet marketer
newbie ; so we will talk through creating your new website with a simple
.html or .php template.

First of all, be organized: create a file in your computer called "weight
loss" and add sub-files where you will store your files: images,
articles, etc. This way you will find your documents when you will need
some of them.

Select the subject of your niche   site. It is recommended to focus on a
subject that you know very well:   a hobby or a passion. Choose the name of
your new website - which will be   also become your domain name. For
example, if you plan to create a   site dedicated to weight loss, choose a
name like "weight loss guide" or   something related.

Once you have your new site and domain name, select a template, some
pictures, a header... in order to personalize your site.

As soon as you will have uploaded these files - template, images, header
- write your first article which will be an introduction to your site.
Introduce yourself, talk about your passion and inform your potential
visitors that your site will be regularly updated.

Create a blog dedicated to your website. Each time you will add an
article to your niche site, you will also post a description on your
blog, include a link to the new article and ping your post.

Now that you have content on your site, you may add your AdSense blocks.

Here are some tips to maximise your AdSense earnings:

* Do not use the AdSense 486x60 sized ad as it is generally ignored.

* Embed your AdSense codes IN your content area (for example, let it
float on the right or on the left of your text).

* Preferably use AdSense 300x250 or 250x250 sized ads.

* Use colors that match with your site or simply use black AdSense ads
(they must not look as a simple block of ads).
* If you have written a very large article, put up to three AdSense
blocks on your page.

* Check your page title and meta description in order to have relevant
AdSense ads on your page.

* Change your page title to reflect exactly your page's subject.

* Track the number of clicks on your Google AdSense blocks and change
their design if necessary.

It is recommended that you write your articles yourself but If you have
difficulties to write an article yourself, you can write the principal
lines of your article and then make a search to find similar websites.
Select some articles that talk about the same subject than yours and pick
up some ideas or sentences that you will rewrite with your own words and
add to your own article.

If you are a very bad writer, you may choose to buy private label rights
articles or make a search on your favorite search engine for the best
articles directories.

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