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									AdSense Optimization - Tips to Get Relevant AdSense Ads

Google AdSense Optimization Tips will help to target for relevant ads on
your sites. Many AdSense publishers complain they get ads irrespective of
their sites concept. This is due to the lack of content. Google displays
ads based on the content or text on our site and if that content is
missing, it displays irrelevant ads or Public service ads (PSAs). For
this, you have to write keyword rich content [not keyword stuffing].

If you don't know how to write a Keyword rich article, you can hire a SEO
Content Writer. If you don't want others to write for you, follow the
below AdSense Optimization Tips.

Keyword Rich Content:

The main reason for getting off-targeted ads is "lack of content". So,
first concentrate on content. There is a famous saying that "Content is
the King" which exactly suits the situation. Remember, you should never
stuff keywords of high CPC in your content. This will also result in off-
targeted ads. Even if the CPC is high, the users ignore those
advertisements since the ads are not relevant to your site.

Delete Spam Comments:

Sometimes, Google display advertisements based on the keywords or words
that are present in the comments section of our blog. So, delete those
comments that are spam [comments that are off-topic].

Section Targeting:

Section targeting allows us to suggest text or HTML content which will be
used by Google to display your content related ads. Visit AdSense Support
for more information on Section targeting.

Competitive Ad Filter:

This is a very useful feature available in AdSense to block unwanted ads
from appearing on our sites. Try it.

Less Ad Blocks:

If you have more ads on a single page, there is a chance of low playing
advertisements [low CPC] displayed on your site along with the high
paying ads. There will be very less chances for user click the high CPC
ads. So, don't place more number of ad blocks in a single page.

Along with this AdSense Optimization Tips, also Concentrate on SEO to
build traffic to your site.

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