Starbucks Coffee Bold Decaffeinated Espresso Pods 24-pods by conarakjung


									  Starbucks Coffee Bold Decaffeinated Espresso Pods 24-pods

What is a pod? A pod is a measured portion of ground coffee or espresso, compressed between two
biodegradable filter paper sheets. By using a coffee or espresso maker specifically designed for use
with pods, the pod allows anyone to make an excellent cup of coffee or espresso in no time. Pods are
easy to use, convenient and mess free, providing a consistently delicious freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Espresso Roast is used in most coffee drinks at our stores because of its delicious, smooth versatility.
It has a dense, caramel-like sweetness with a soft acidity that's delectable. An intense and balanced
coffee, it's roasted somewhat darker than traditional Italian espresso. Espresso Roast's spicy aroma
will permeate your kitchen and senses. Taste Espresso Roast as both a shot of espresso and brewed
in a coffee press. This is one versatile coffee! This remarkable "signature" blend of Latin American and
Indonesian coffees was developed in the late 1970's after months of blending and tasting. The blend
was chosen with a shot of espresso in mind. The Latin American component gives it soft acidity, the
Indonesian imparts depth and some spicy aroma, and the slightly darker roast gives it a caramelly
sweetness. All of these attributes are intensified when this blend is used to make espresso. Starbucks
Espresso Roast is quite different from most Italian versions of espresso. Ours is

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