What Makes a Hot Tub, a Hot Tub?

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					    What Makes a Hot Tub, a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs have been used for thousands of years in one form or another. What may have
                                                   started as hot springs coming from
                                                   earth’s inner core has turned into a
                                                   form of luxury, party and backyard
                                                   relaxation phenomenon.

                                                    As hot tub popularity has risen so
                                                    has the technology advancements to
                                                    support it. In the mid 1990’s hot
                                                    tubs went from using hot rocks or
                                                    fire to heat the home made tubs to
                                                    fully operational self heating tubs
                                                    with massage jet capabilities.

                                                      This was done so by the innovation
of the Jacuzzi Brothers who emigrated from Italy and played a role in revolutionizing
several different areas such as airplanes, agricultural pumps, water crafts and of course
hot tubs.

Hot tubs work on fairly basic principles of moving liquid, heating it and mixing it with
air for the desired effect of hydrotherapeutic massage. A centrifugal pump pulls water
from the tub where it may pass through a suction filter before moving to the pump.

The water enters the pump as kinetic
energy; it comes into contact with a
fan like turbine which turns the
water into potential energy and
shoots it into some tubing at higher

After exiting the pump the design of
the hot tub might have it go through
a pressure filter as opposed to a
suction filter which always comes
before the pump. The water then
passes     through     an   electrical
resistance heater, the same kind used
in the home to heat water for bathing.
Basically an electrical resistance heater is a cylinder with a piece of metal inside that is
heated according the thermostat setting. The water passes through and is heated and
passed on to a division in tubing which will take it to the individual jets.

                                                     Before being returned into the tub
                                                     the water is usually mixed with air to
                                                     create a more robust massage. This
                                                     mixture is controlled from the top
                                                     side. Two different methods have
                                                     been used to mix air with water.

                                                     One is an air pump which pushes air
                                                     into the water; this requires more
                                                     power and may further complicate
                                                     the process. The more efficient
                                                     method would be to use a Venturi air
                                                     injector which mixes air and water
without assistance of a pump.

The water will pass through a piece of tubing which narrows, increasing pressure. The
water then passes over an opening creating a vacuum and pulling air from the opening
into the water with it, the tubing expands once again and the water air mixture is shot
back into the tub.

The air is usually taken from within the heating compartment to keep the water from
being cooled by exterior temperatures. The components of most hottubs require 220 volts
or more for operation.
However there are some on the market than can run on a normal 110 volt outlet but they
are not recommended if you live in a colder climate where freezing temperatures occur
during the year .

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Description: Hot tubs have been used for thousands of years in one form or another.