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									Ambassadorial Scholar

1. About Myself
2. About South Korea
3. Study & Life at Purdue
4. Difference Between U.S. and S. Korea
5. Activities as an Ambassadorial Scholar

 - Purdue University MBA: Concentration in Finance
 - SungKyunKwan University in S. Korea: Major in Textile Engineering

Career Background
 Woori Bank in S. Korea (2008)
 - Intern, Strategy and Control Department
 Taka;Paka (2005 – 2007), finance company
 - Manager, Global Marketing
 FnC Kolon (2001 – 2005), fashion company
 - Assistant Manager, Marketing and Sales
 ROTC (1999 – 2001)
 - Artillery Officer
South Korea
- Official Name: Republic of Korea
- Location: East Asia
 It borders North Korea to the north and closely neighbors
 China to the west and Japan to the east
- Capital: Seoul
 A major global city with the second largest metropolitan area
 population in the world – Population: more than 10 millions

- About 5,000 years of history
- Population: more than 48 million
South Korea

- Climate
 Korea has four seasons with humid continental climate and
 humid subtropical climate

- Economy of South Korea
 It has been the world’s second fastest growing economy
 for over four decades
 World leader conglomerates: Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK
- High-tech Industry
 Electronics, automobile, ships, machinery, robotics, etc
South Korea
Study & Life at Purdue

 Purdue MBA: Two year 60 credit program
 - Core courses (35 credits) and electives (25 credits)

 Diverse Student Clubs
 - Value Investment Club
 - Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA)
 - Asian Business Club (ABC)

 Extra Curricular Activities
 - Trip to Chicago Futures Exchange
 - Trip to Sears Department Store
 - Weekly Social Hours
  Improve Human Networks
  Experience Diverse Cultures
Difference b/w U.S. and S. Korea

 • Education System
  US: Focus on discussion among students and Professor
  Korea: Focus on Professor’s lecture with rare discussion

 • Personal Relationship

 • Clothing, Eating habits, etc

 • Scale of Rotary Club
  In one district, there are many more members
Activities as an Ambassadorial Scholar

 • Promote International Understanding
 Meet diverse countries’ students through the class study
 as well as extra-curricula activities

 • Introduce Rotary Foundation
  Presentation about Rotary Foundation in Korean Church
  and in Purdue University

 • Understand Rotary International’s Motto,
   “Service Above Self”

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