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In modern life, the quality of life become increasingly demanding, people not
only want to live full, more attention is that a healthy life, they not only want to
enjoy life, and more focus on enjoying life in healthy way. What is the healthy
way, a healthy diet, a healthy pace of life, as well as to participate in healthy
tourism in their vacations. Tourism plays a vital role in contributing to people’s
well being as it breaks the monotony of work-a-day life and re-vitalize. Due to
this current, the tourism industry provides plenty of opportunities to raise the
number of tourists and expand facilities and enhance quality services. Health
tourism, in its various guises, ensures physical, mental and social well-being, as
illustrated elsewhere in this volume. See historically, visits to spas were
motivated largely by health considerations. Especially the spa tourism becomes
one of the most popular one now.
As we know, healthy SPA tourism has developed in USA and rapid development
in past two decades. It is not demand-side model is presented for analyzing the
fit of health tourism to overall tourism, and in particular sport tourism. A supply-
side model presents health tourism development in two branches: traditional
medical institution and health spas. A qualitative assessment of spa evolvement
in the US is presented for the purpose of determining the implications this type
of development may have for other countries desiring to diversify their own
tourism product. health tourism development may have many beneficial
consequences, both economic and environmental, for a destination. The article
points to a need for more quantitative research in terms of the number of people
travelling for health reasons as well as the performances of different spa
segments in order better to assess the future impact of this burgeoning tourism
sector. Today, around 20 million people in Europe (including Russian) visit
tradional spas (ESPA,2000) and the market continues to grow world-wide in line
with the increasing interest in healthy living and preventive medicine.

The development of spa tourism
Spas have a long tradition in Europe, where they were traditionally visited to
obtain medical benefits. In recent years hoteliers have realised the various
benefits that a spa facility can bring in terms of hotel revenue.
This has led to a significant increase in the opening of both hotel spas and
destination spas, and a number of developments are still under way. But this
remains a fragmented and unregulated sector where little is known about the
overall performance of spa establishments. The European spa tradition faces
ever harder competition from Asian-based spa companies which have acquired a
strong foothold in the European hotel spa and destination spa market. The
purpose of this paper is to shed light on recent developments and the issues
facing the European spa hotel sector. So what is spa? The term spa is an
abbreviation derived from Latin, initials are from the word “Solus Por Aqua”,
Solus stands for healthy, Por means essential oil, and Aqua means water. By
joining together, the word SPA, they want to tell other getting healthy with water.
At the beginning, the word Aqua is only for mineral water, but later on all kinds
of water those have a curative effect that is what we also call the spa today. Spa
tourism has been an important part of medical treatment in Central and Eastern
Europe for long history. Later in the time this trend has been adopted and
reinvented in luxury hotels and specialized Spa Hotels and also resorts offering a
range of options from Turkish hammams to relaxing Thalassotherapy treatments.
A number of Spa Associations actively promote and work on developing the
industry further by focusing on spa specialisms such as eco-friendly spas, luxury
spas, romantic spas, pampering spas, stress management and maternity options.
Many people work hard during the weekdays, feel so tired and want a rest, so go
to a spa hotel or a spa resort to enjoy the weekend, energizing and relax
themselves is really a good choice. Even when some people having their annual
vacation, they could also go there to spend long time and thinking of nothing
there for a stress free time escape time. They believe this as a good way to get
better for the following work. Mantel estimates in their 2007 report that in 2006,
one hundred and thirty five million pounds was spent in UK on health and
wellness holidays and they forecast that spending will double by 2011.Health
eating, nutrition, exercise, beauty, relaxation and pampering are becoming more
important to people and many want to incorporate those elements into holidays.
In Greece, spas are part of the country’s national wealth program, while their
therapeutic properties were well known since ancient times.
Natural mineral resources are scattered all over the country; while the water of
these springs differs from common water, either due to the high temperature or
to the presence of rare drastic components. This spring water is marked as
mineral water, because of the temperature or the general chemical composition.
Apart from cold mineral springs, there are also hot springs and the ones used in
therapeutic treatment: spa hydrotherapy (thermalism). The geographic
allocation of the springs is not accidental as it is connected either with tectonic
events, as is the case for example for the springs of Kaifa, Kyllini and Langada, or
with volcanic activities, as in the case of the springs of Methana, Milos, Lesbos,
Samothrace, and Limnos. Before many people have their own aim to go spa. By
definition of the functional difference, there are seven main types of spa. They
are Day spa, Beauty spa, Club spa, Hotel/Resort spa, Mineral spring spa, hair spa
and medical spa. Day spa is usually for the people who live in busy life in cities;
they can have their treatment in a short period of time and get recovered from
tire soon. The dominant target consumers of Beauty spa are definitely ladies.
They tend to stay young and look beautiful, and there are a large number of ways
of offering that. Club spa mainly focuses on membership, their purpose of going
there is to have some indoor sports, and sometimes it is like a kind of gym. Hotel
/Resort spa is always the convenient way for customers. Even people go
somewhere to do something else; they can also go to the spa section in their
spare time. Mineral Spring spa is always located in the place where there is a
natural mineral spring contains particular curable substance to human body.
Hair spa is a newly emerged one in Europe and very famous in recent years. And
there is also medical spa. It is a kind of sub-medical treatment, when people have
some problems in their bodies, during a special designed by applying meditation
and ointment during massage, patients will feel their sick feeling be relieved.
Nowdays a lot of women in order to lose weight to go spas. This kind of spas is
also popular. Destination spas are a much better choice than resort spas if you
want to lose weight. Destination spas serve healthy spa cuisine and plenty of
exercise classes -- a combination that tones you up, burns calories, and gets you
eating healthy foods. They're also good because everyone around you has the
same healthy focus. A growing number of men are going to spas -- with their
wives or girlfriends, with their male partner, or on their own.
Men now make up nearly a third of all spa goers, according to the International
Spa Association. They're getting facials, Vichy showers, and body scrubs. What is
the reason? Spas have learned how to create a gender-neutral atmosphere where
both men and women feel comfortable, with treatments that are named
specifically for men like the "Gentleman's Facial." And culturally, spas have gone
so mainstream that they don't seem like something for women anymore. For
example, we have three kinds of man spa truck packages:

      The Working’ Man

This is for guy who not only needs his truck to look good, but for the guy who
needs it to work. Hard. He needs functional equipment for the jobsite—stuff
that’ll make his job easier and, at the same time, give his truck a boost of
testosterone. The Workin’ Man package does both by offering tons of practical,

      The Hunter /Gatherer

Just as there are fish, birds and big game out there, there are guys who want to
go get them. And The Hunter/Gatherer is designed to help get them through the
back-country and back again—looking good the whole time. With all the options
a hunter could ever hope to choose from, this Man Spa package will tame even
the wildest beasts.

   The Man About Town

This one’s all about looking good—because guys know that when their truck
looks good, they look good. And The Man About Town package delivers, offering
dozens of options to help trick out any truck. So whether it’s a night in the big
city or day just sittin’ in the garage staring at your most prized possession, this is
the way to go. Hydrotherapy is particularly important for the treatment of
multiple affections such as arthritis and rheumatic diseases, and falls into two
categories: 1) Internal therapy, which includes drinking therapy, inhalation
therapy and lavages; 2) External therapy, which includes baths, jet showers,
hydromassaging, hydrokinesotherapy and fangotherapy.
For the development of spa tourism and, in general, of health tourism, two
thalassotherapy centers are already operating of Grete under the special
operation sign of the Greek National Tourism Organization. The last is the
promotion of sleep spa. With the rapid economic development, improved living
standards, the pace of life speeds up as well, so cannot get a good sleep. Through
this type of spa, you can relex yourselves and have a sweet dream. With Essential
Oil of Sandalwood: sandalwood are woody notes, can be a good quiet soul, quiet
warmth of its aroma, sweet and delicate, is the best stability in mind field of
essential oils. Lingering fragrance Niaorao rooms, you will find yourself slowly
into the peaceful, quiet meditation space.

As recent decades people concern their health much more than before, and eager
to know the solutions of heath care about health maintenance and improvement.
Spa stands one of the ways and the SPA tourism is really attractive, the target
market of tourism is also substantial, potential consumers are business persons
who are seeking for a mental and physical escape from stress and pressure of life,
could be families who need a relax time to make family connections, even many
other different people in the society for other purposes. Spa tourism is not only
for the sick people or people in sub-healthy conditions but also ones who want to
keep health. According to the different functions of spas, nearly everyone could
be met there needs. Therefore so many people enjoy their spa tourism. So now
there exist already a large number of people realizing they need to have spa
tourism, and also more and more people will do it. As spa tourism become one of
the popular trend, it will last a long term for sure and spa tourism will also be
thought of many different ways to develop to attract more different tourists from
each of social class.
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