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					                                                           ADVANCE REMOVALS (Newven Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as) ABN 85 128 486 840
                                                           TELEPHONE: 1300 882 444 or 1300 THE MOVERS
                                                            FACSIMILE: 1300 882 111 EMAIL:

                                                                   Thank you for your interest in Advance Removals. To return the Excel version of this
                                                                   form, we suggest you complete it on your computer, save to the desktop and then
                                                                   select File > Send to > Mail recipient (as attachment)

                                    MOVING DETAILS                                                      PHONE NUMBERS                        PICKUP DATE RANGE
Client Name:                                                                                  AH:   (        )                             From            /   / 20
Pickup Suburb:                                                     p/code                   WORK:   (        )                             To              /      / 20
Delivery Suburb:                                                   p/code                    MOB:   (        )                             Delivery        /      / 20

           BEDROOM                   B1 B2 B3 B4 TOT                     LOUNGE             QTY                  DINING              QTY          FAMILY                 QTY
Kingsize Mattress & Base (dis)                                     Bar                                  Sideboard 1m high                   Billiard Table 9 x 6
King Bed Ensemble                                                  Bar Stool                            Bookcase 1m x 1m                    Pool table 7 x 4
Queensize Mattress & Base (dis)                                    Bean Bag                             Bookcase 2m x 1m                    Bar unit
Queen ensemble (no ends)                                           Bookcase 1m x 1m                     2 Door Buffet & Hutch               Bookcase 2m x 2m
Double Mattress & Base (dis)                                       Bookcase 2m x 1m                     3 Door Buffet & Hutch               Bookcase 2m x 1m
Double ensemble (no ends)                                          Bookcase 2m x 1.2m                   4 Door Buffet & Hutch               Chair
Head and Foot K, QS, DB, or SB                                     Modular lounge/chaise                Traymobile                          3 pce lounge
Single Bed Mattress & Base (dis)                                   Recliner                             Dining Table                        Divan
Single Ensemble                                                    3 Seater lounge                      Dining Chairs                       Table
Bunk Bed (2 mattresses & frame)                                    2.5 Seater lounge                    Dining chairs carver                Stereo
Folding Bed                                                        2 Seater lounge                      Wall Unit Sm 2m x 1m                Video/DVD/Tivo
Trundle Bed                                                        Lounge Chair                         Wall Unit Med 2m x 1.2m             TV
Futon Bed                                                          Divan                                Wall Unit Lge 2m x 2m               Kids setting
Bedside Drawers                                                    Sofa Bed                             Paintings                           Bean bag
Chest of Drawers                                                   Chaise longue                                                            Foosball table top
Tallboy                                                            Pouffe/ottoman                            OUTSIDE                 QTY           STUDY                 QTY
Dressing Table                                                     Coffee Table                         Garbage Bin                         Filing cabinet
Chair/Stool                                                        Table Lamp                           BBQ 4 Burner                        Printer
Wardrobe 1 Door                                                    Standard Lamp                        BBQ 3 Burner                        Computer CRT scrn
Wardrobe 2 Door                                                    Heater                               BBQ Portable                        Computer Flat scrn
Wardrobe 3 door                                                    DVD/Video/TiVo Player                Weber Kettle                        Office Chair
Bookcase 1m x 1m                                                   Ent Unit Sm 1.2m x 1m                Gas (rtn/swap for receipt)    X     Upright Comp Desk
Bookcase 1.2m x 1m                                                 Ent Unit Med 1.5m x 1m               Patio Heater                        Student Desk
Bookcase 2m x 1m                                                   Ent Unit Lge 2m x 1m                 Lawn Mower                          Desk with hutch
Filing cabinet 2 drawer                                            China cabinet 1m x 1m                3 pce wrought iron set              Office desk
Filing cabinet 3 drawer                                            Sm TV Cab 1m x 0.5m                  Bench Seat                          Credenza
Filing cabinet 4 drawer                                            Lowboy TV Unit 1m high               Folding Chair                      SUNDRIES                   QTY
Blanket Box or Glory Box                                           TV / Ent unit 2m x 2m                Stackable Chair                     Air cooler
Chest                                                              TV crt scrn                          Table (legs off)                    Air Conditioner
Bedside Lamp                                                       TV lcd / plasma                      Table with legs                     Bar Fridge
Hanging Mirror                                                     CD rack                              Sun lounge                          Paintings
Cheval standing Mirror                                             Wine rack 12 btls                    Kids bike                           Floor Rug
High Chair - Folds down                                            Wine rack 72 btls                    Adults bike                         Mat
Bassinet                                                           Stereo Mini                          Clamshell pit                       Sewing cabinet
Cot assembled                                                      Stereo HiFi                          Garden tools (bndls of 5)           Tent
Cot dismantled                                                     Fan (desk)                           Extension ladder                    Camp bed
Change table - folds                                               Pedestal Fan                         Step Ladder                         Camping gear
Change table - assembled                                           Upright Piano                        Pots - empty                        Home Gym
Play pen - folds                                                   Piano Stool                          Pots - with plants                  Treadmill - flat
Pram - folds                                                       Grand Piano                          Tool Chest large                    Exercise bike
     LAUNDRY                QTY        KITCHEN             QTY     Pianola (3 men)                      Tool Chest small                           BOXES              EST
Clothes airer (folds)                Dishwasher                                                         Trampoline Dismant.                Porta Robe
Washing Machine                      Chest Freezer                          HALL            QTY         Garden Umbrella                    Standard Carton
Tumble Dryer                         Upright Freezer               Hall table                           Blower Vacuum                      Small/med. Box
Laundry Cupbd 2dr 1m high            Fridge                        Phone table                          Welder                             Book Carton
Laundry Cupbd 2dr 2m high            Kitchen Table                 Hat stand                            Wheel barrow                       Striped bags
Ironing Board                        Kitchen Chair                 Side table                           Whipper Snipper                    Carry Bags
Vacuum Cleaner                       Kitchen Stool/Steps           Carpet runner                        Work mate small                    Suitcases lge
Laundry Basket                       Kitchen Tidy Bin                                                   Work bench large                   Garbage bags
Laundry Trolley                      Pantry 2m x 1 dr                                                   Mulcher                            Plastic Tubs 120litre
Mop & Bucket                         Pantry 2m x 2 dr                                                   Chain saw - no fuel                Plastic Tubs 90litre
Broom                                Microwave                                                          Floor stand tools
                           *We will help you fine-tune. Estimate initially but please declare all items before pickup as final charges are per cubic metre.