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									CV: CHIKO LEE
Address: Pacific Beach, San Diego CA 92109
Extended resume:


Dec 2004. Carleton University. Ottawa, Canada. Completed Master’s degree in ‘Electrical
           Engineering’ with distinction. Thesis on OFDM modulation properties. Developed
           baseband modem with DSP and CPLD chipset. Avg. 82%

Apr 2001. Carleton University. Completed Bachelors ‘ Aerospace Engineering’ degree, with
           distinction and extra credits in engineering and economics. Avg. 83.5%

Work Experience

Consultant for Sony. San Diego, CA. (Mar 2010 to Present. Contract near end)
Position: Consultant for Device Field Testing

       Prepared test strategy, plan, and resources for wireless end-to-end field testing.
       Coordinate and managed vendor activities.
       Assisted with development and management of usability test activities.

HomebrewUSB Open Source Project. San Diego, California (June 2009 to Present)
Position Integration and Mechanical Engineer

       Integrated wireless transceiver hardware into portable form factor.
       Designed interfacing board and layout with ORCAD.
       Designed enclosure with Pro ENGINEER.

Sony Electronics. San Diego, California, USA (Sept 2005 to June 2009)
Position: Hardware Engineer

       Researched on latest broadband technologies. This involves market research,
        digital communications theory, link budget calculation, and lab evaluation with
        actual hardware.
       Acted as departmental OFDM/WiMAX instructor to build fundamental theory
       Test fixture schematic and layout design for modem card interface to PC.
       Lead integration of cellular based modems in various products.
       Prototyped advance touch capacitive sense pad with MSP430 microcontroller.

Ellistar Inc. Ottawa-Canada (June 2001 to April 2003)
Position: Prime Design and Research Engineer
        Acted as prime engineer in engendering first prototype radar, aiding company to
         win the prestigious ‘Celtic House International 2002’ new startup business idea
        Completed system level design.
        Designed, simulated, and constructed advanced antennae for radar applications.
        Designed and constructed active/passive components.

Nortel Networks. Ottawa-Canada (May 1999 to August 2000)
Position: EMC Engineering Support

   Prepared Optical Transport products for EMC test cases, building my knowledge on
    optical network products.
   Executed and monitored EMC tests, climatic, and structural tests on systems gaining
    lab experience. Analyzed causes of failure and the limitations of typical network
    elements under tests.

Nortel/Bell Northen Research. Ottawa-Canada (November 1994 to August 1995)
Position: Web Specialist

   Modified PERL Scripts
   Coordinated interdepartmental communications by building informational web site


Software: C, Android Java, Matlab (Unix OS proficient).
RF: HP Linecalc. HFSS. Ansoft
Cellular tools: QXDM, QPST, Various Agilent test tools and call boxes.
PCB: ORCAD schematic capture and layout
Mechanical: Pro ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0

    IEEE IMTC 2005 ‘Impacts of Non-Ideal Analog Interfacing Factors on OFDM
       Baseband Signals’
    Radar systems concept (US Patent #6,861,972)
    Antenna for Commercial Television (Pending)

Benevolent Contributions
    Volunteering for ‘Meal on Wheels’; delivering food to elder individuals that need
      this service/support.
    Presently volunteering for Ronald McDonald House for Children, helping in the
      kitchen and dinner hall.

Other Projects
    Presently working on Android Java application tutorial at:

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