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Hair restoration | solutions to end male hair loss


									                     Hair restoration | solutions to end male hair loss

Hair loss is something that affects millions of Americans. It is a problem that many find
to be embarrassing and want to find a solution to. No one likes to lose their hair, but it is
a reality most have to face. There are solutions that can help end male hair loss, and this
article will list 3 solutions.

35 million men in the US are affected by hair loss. A majority of these men are looking
for a way to get their thick head of hair back in a few months. The solutions listed below
will help with your hair growth, and when combined together it is guaranteed!

1. DHT, a hormone that is manufactured in the bloodstream through excess
testosterone, is the leading cause of male baldness. The first solution is to block DHT.
DHT is a problem because it is a hormone that clings to your hair follicles and kills

It starts out by just thinning out your hair, but eventually all your hair follicles will
disappear. To stop the source of thinning hair and complete hair loss you need to block
DHT. This is the most important solution to stopping your hair loss.

2. Something that many people underestimate is the power of a healthy and responsible
diet. Having a proper diet can change your mood, energy levels, weight, skin, and of
course hair. In order to help deal with your hair loss you need to be drinking half your
body weight in ounces of water each day.

Also, you should be eating at least 70% of your diet in fruits and vegetables and
eliminate unhealthy foods. This will help you eliminate hair loss and begin fixing the
problem all together.

3. Finally, you need to look into hair restoration, as it is the only permanent solution to
obtain a full head of hair you once had. Yes, there are various preventable methods but,
individuals whom are genetically susceptible to balding will find that those methods
alone are not sufficient. In order to stop the cause of hair loss, and regrow hair you need
to combine a DHT blocker with a hair transplant.

Hair loss is something that affects millions of people in the US and many of them are
embarrassed by it. Fortunately, with the advance techniques of hair replacement, it is
possible to stop hair loss and start hair growth.

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