Shooting Script by mwb35913


									This format can be used to develop your shooting script.

        Action                  Script       Camera                                 Time
Standing in front of Hello. My name is Mr. No movement                              0:05
the volleyball section Loesel, and I am the
of the trophy case     freshman volleyball
                       coach here at Clare
                       High School.
Girls playing         I have been coaching at        Shoot from                      0:10
volleyball in the gym this level for the past        the side with
                      seven years. The               a large
                      season starts in               enough frame
                      November and runs              to show the
                      through the end of             volleyball
                      February.                      action clearly.
Holding a volleyball You will find that CHS          Shoot so sun                    0:10
                     has a very successful           is at camera's
                     volleyball program.             back. Perhaps
                     We are very                     a 3/4 view at
                     competitive, and we             this point.
                     also like to have fun.
In front of trophy    If you are a freshman Same angle as                            0:05
case                  girl, consider trying out first shot.
                      for the team this year.
                                                           Total Time                0:30

                                                              So urce: Mr. Brakken, Gunn High School

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