Affidavit_of_support_co_sponsor by allaboutgre


									From: (Name of your main Sponsor) (Residential Address) To, The American Consulate General, (Address of the Consulate in your city) (For Mumbai it is: 78, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai-400 025, Maharashtra,INDIA.) Dear Sir, I intend to send my son/daughter, Mr/Miss (your name), to the United States of America for MS degree with major in (your intended major) at (your college in CAPS) for the period of (study period) years. His/Her study in USA will be fully financed from family funds. I am enclosing a set of Financial papers for your ready reference. I also undertake to bear any enhancement in the cost of studies later, if needed. In addition to my family, (my sister/brother/ state relation of co-sponsor) also desires to support my son/daughter for his/her higher studies in the USA. The above declaration is true and binding to us. Name of your main sponsor (mention father of (your name))

Name of other sponsors/co-sponsor (mention relation) Place : Date :

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