Statement of goals and research interests by allaboutgre

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Dreams form building blocks to careers as long as we strive to achieve them. My dreams and incessant hard work to mould them to reality have been my goals, ambitions. As a school –goer, I was intrigued to various Chips & designs, always wondered how one could create such small a device that performs so many functions. My interests in the field were sparked by my hobby in building basic circuits, which was also an extra-curricular in school. The interest blossomed into a passion, which I have taken up in my Undergraduate Course. With my learning as a successful undergraduate student, I started to realize the excitement and delight in putting novel ideas to work. As my academic career would suggest up till now, I always looked out for challenges and have achieved them .My development in the direction to better myself has been gradual. Now, I feel that my thirst to better myself would be more pronounced, if I have that fortunate chance to be part of your premier institution. With an undergraduate course in ECE (Electronics and Communication) as my base and relevant knowledge in the field of Micro -Electronics, I now desire to pursue graduate studies in Electrical Engineering majoring in Micro Electronics. I feel that a graduate program, which offers a healthy mix of fundamental concepts coupled with ample opportunity for research, will be an ideal setting for future growth. After my Master’s degree, I wish to pursue doctoral studies in the same field which would enable me to realize my potential to the maximum. I would always commit myself to my cherished dream of being a pioneer researcher in the field of Micro-electronics. The next step would only be possible if I am shown the path of pioneers by being a part of your acclaimed institution. I feel that the Clark school of Engineering provides me with the ideal setting to fulfill my goals. I would like to feel the bliss of learning by means of setting goals and uplifting my personal standards periodically. I strongly believe that my academic background, aptitude and skills would be of immense benefit to my fellow students. My experience at the Paper

presentations, Robotics contest and as the President of SPACE, where I was involved with very talented fellow students have taught me valuable lessons in team work and the immense knowledge one can attain in the company of able individuals. I have a lot to offer and a lot to learn as a graduate student. I strongly believe that my academic background, aptitude and skills would rise up to the standards of your students and research scholars. I hope the institution would help me on my way to development by providing me admission with financial aid by means of assistantships, for which I am capable of.



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