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My first tryst with electronics started in a basic form at a science fest in my high school. My exhibit was a ‘Clap switch’ that would turn off/on a light/fan with a clap. My interest in the core subjects of Mathematics and Physics in high-school saw electronics evolve into a passion, engendering the choice of Electronics and communication engineering as my undergraduate major. During the course of my undergraduate study, I developed a fascination for Micro Electronics while working in our Hardware Laboratory. I worked on 8086 as part of my regular course and on microcontrollers like 8051, to design an all purpose food processor for the Robotics contest held at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in March 2004. I am currently working on DSP TMS320C55XX for my project. My courses of interests include Electronic Devices and Basic Circuits, Fields Lines and Waves, Signals and systems, Microprocessors and Applications, Analog Circuits, Pulse and Digital Signal Processing. My innate enthusiasm for facing formidable tasks and gusto to learn and implement novel ideas, aided me to get through various stages of my academic life with flying colors. The professional in me stood out, when I ranked first in University examinations during the 2nd year of undergraduate course and I continue to stay in the top 1% of my class. This was later followed by accolades, which illustrate my strong academic learning and my ability to implement it practically when I won the 2nd prize in Robotics at the All India level Technical competition held at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - a premier institute in India. I also won the 1st prize in the Technical quiz competition held at the same event. My research skills are reflected in the technical papers I have presented at various esteemed institutions. My paper work spanned over the areas in Digital Signal Processors, Neural Networks and NanoElectronics. My latest presentation titled ‘Giving life to Nano-Electronics’ presents various potential sources that can be used as power supplies for Nano devices. My communication skills were enhanced by my victorious stand in various extra – curricular events like Group discussion, debates at national Level and college level. I am fortunate enough to possess leadership skills, which is depicted in my work as the President of SPACE (an Electronics and Communication Engineering students forum). I am currently pursuing a project as the team leader heading a group of 5 members on Digital signal processors. The project is aimed at developing efficient DSP programming techniques for data compression. My part of the project goes into analyzing architecture of a DSP –a TMS320C55XX and implementing any

additional interfacing necessary along with implementing algorithms on data compression techniques. With an undergraduate course as my base and relevant knowledge in the field of Micro Electronics, I now desire to pursue a graduate program in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Micro Electronics. I would then like to pursue further doctoral studies in the same arena to realize my potential to the maximum. I feel that a graduate program, which offers a healthy mix of fundamental concepts coupled with ample opportunity for research, will be an ideal setting for future growth. Arizona State University offers the flexibility needed for such a vast and rapidly changing field as the Electronics. The research facilities and the faculty at the university are par excellent. Being the largest university in the Arizona and the fifth largest in the United States, The Fulton school of Engineering has enticed me with its compilation of vibrant research activities which includes world class research habitats as Solid state electronics research (CSSER). A university that dates back 1883 would undoubtedly spellbind young minds who have the zeal to combine theoretical study with research work. As one among these young minds who wishes to opt for a technically challenging career filled with the excitement of setting goals and solving them by new scientific techniques and innovations, I feel that the Fulton school of Engineering provides me with the ideal setting to fulfill these goals. Learning can be a truly enriching and joyful journey with the active participation of everyone in the group. I strongly believe that my academic background, aptitude and skills would be of immense benefit to my fellow students. My experience at the Robotics contest and as the President of SPACE, where I was involved with very talented fellow students have taught me valuable lessons in team work and the immense knowledge one can attain in the company of able individuals. My uncle was previous graduate of your acclaimed esteemed institution; hence the choice of ASU in my mind is undoubted. I sincerely hope that you consider me for admission and also for financial aid in your program. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity to express myself and look forward to an exciting period of graduate studies at your University. Sincerely, MURALI KRISHNA KILARU

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