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Surrounded by hundreds of eyes staring at me, I was standing alone and a bit nervous, holding a mike in my hand. It was in the morning of July 20, 2000; the day we (sophomores) hosted a party to welcome the freshers in my undergraduate school. I was there to compere the show, for the first time in my life. My classmates and even my friends who are close to me were not sure if I would be able to make it. This made me feel left out. But my faith in me pushed me forward and helped me in enduring that painful moment. I was determined to compere well and made a dedicated effort towards it. This strong urge to make it happen made me tick. At the end of the show, when I received praises for my work from one and all, my happiness knew no bounds. I felt like a rocket surging ahead, overcoming earth‟s gravitational force, to reach its destination. Initially it was difficult to stand up for my convictions and face the critics. But in doing so, I have learned to face challenges and look forward to them. This incident made me develop a perceptive and confident approach towards life. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I was selected as the executive member of the placement office and cultural committee of my undergraduate school. I am also an active member of the Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Technical Association (CSE & IT Technical Association). These positions allowed me to interact with eminent personalities from the IT industry, presenting a great scope to improve my personality and widen my knowledge in the field of computer Science. I presented a technical paper on “Data Warehousing”(refer abstract & certificate). It was one of the few papers selected for presentation among one hundred and thirty two papers submitted at the national level technical symposium SREEVISION 2001. The interactive sessions that followed the presentation provided us with a forum to discuss the applications of the topics and were extremely enriching. Academics and teaching require clarity of concepts and an ability to communicate these concepts to others. I found that these technical meets have helped me in this respect to a large extent. Attending such technical meets gave me an opportunity to acquire information on a range of topics not covered in regular course work. It was in these technical symposiums that I was first introduced to the world of computer networks. The very idea that information and resources can be shared easily and quickly kindles the fascination in me. In fact, after knowing about the path-breaking protocols such as „multicast‟ and applications like „voice over IP‟ and video conferencing‟, I cannot help but feel excited about the potential for new research in this area.

I have gained a lot of theoretical as well as application oriented knowledge through the comprehensive curriculum at my undergraduate school. More importantly, it has served in focusing my interests toward a research prospective. The various projects that I was involved in, during the course of my study (refer resume), have given me the opportunity to realize the joy in analytical problem solving. I am currently working on the project „Student Information System‟ for my college. Here a unified approach to design is being developed that incorporates explicit assumptions about user behavior as its starting point. With experience gained in these projects, I can deal with real world applications with a professional approach. The academic records of my present and previous courses are ample proof of my dedication to learning. I have been among the top students and have shown consistency in my marks. I have never given up the subjects I did not like; rather I tried to find out more on them. Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Yet lack of in-depth knowledge of the subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. When the ultimate objective is specialization, an undergraduate education is definitely deficient. It is in this context that I would like to pursue a graduate program that not only supplements the knowledge that I posses but also provides a strong foundation to my research oriented study. America is a hub of competitive and enterprising intellectuals from its own country as well as from different parts of the world. It provides a fertile ground to compete with the best of brains and achieve international excellence. Hence I am looking for an American graduate school that gives me an opportunity to prove my mettle. Browsing through the George Mason University‟s web pages, I was extremely impressed by the excellent and innovative research programs supported by your university. As a native of a developing country with limited resources, I have adapted myself to demanding situations making the best use of what I was provided with. My drive to excel, if fuelled by the guidance of your eminent faculty, can help use my skills and intelligence to produce change for the better. An assistantship will surely go a long way in encouraging me and will give me strength in pursuing my desire. I believe that, given an opportunity I will match the high standards set by your university and will be an invaluable addition to the university‟s student community. I would consider it a privilege to be able to pursue my academic career at your venerable university.


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