Concurrent Receipt - Key Points by osu10981


									                        Concurrent Receipt - Key Points

We're (names): We represent ________ retirees in (state) & 370,000 MOAA members

 We appreciate Congress' efforts to support our troops, and ask your help in ending a
serious financial penalty still imposed on many seriously disabled military retirees.

      Congress has acted to ensure seriously disabled retirees with 20 + years of service
      get full retired and disability pay

          o But a 100% disabled member forced into medical retirement with 19 years
            of service by a service-caused, non-combat injury still loses most or all
            earned retired pay

      The Pentagon and the President agree this offset is wrong, and proposed a fix in
      the FY2011 defense budget

      The House passed it, but the Senate has not

      Sen Harry Reid will propose the fix as an amendment to the FY2011 Defense Bill

ACTION NEEDED: Support the Reid concurrent receipt amendment when the
defense bill comes before the Senate for action in September.

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