Income Automation System Review

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					Income Automation System Review
By Kenneth Ford

Jonny Andrews has just released his coup de grace product,
Income Automation System. While the details of the product pricing
are as yet not revealed, the details of the product have been
divulged through his two part pre release video. The first part of the
system reveals the procedures for determining the likelihood of
conversion for a given keyword, using free tools, google keyword
tool, where a list of keywords is created, and then examined for the
likelihood of commercial intention, using the website, microsoft
adcenter labs.
Once you have determined that you have a keyword combination,
that has a viable commercial intention, and therefore a greater
likelihood of conversion, you are ready to set up a keyword driven
SEO ready wordpress blog. Upon completion of the creation of the
wordpress site, a simple procedure results in automated content
creation. He has had a WordPress Plugin created, called the instant
site robot. The first nice feature of the Instant Site Robot, is that it
optimizes the word press theme with respect to links and plugins,
and permalinks, the basic housecleaning chores that a blogger
goes through to set up an optimized Word Press Blog. Next, The
instant site robot will scrape content from various sources, including
Yahoo answers, YouTube, etc. The setup is automatically
configured to work in the default mode, with the exception of
your presell link, which you insert in the first phase of use.
other than that, there is little need to alter the settings. You
insert a broad form of your keyword range, and then select
the category from which you would like to scrape. He
suggests using a start date a few years old, so that the
content reflects older information, through current, as though
the site has been up and running for that time frame. You
press a single button, marked get content, and it will take
content from the indicated source, Yahoo answers, or
YouTube, etc, and it populates your blog with those posts.
Each post has a link back to your presell, which then leads to
your affiliate hoplink. Instant Content!!
Jonny has opted to keep some of the traffic techniques which
are uniquely enabled by his method, for a webinar, which is
scheduled for 1900 EDT, on the 1st of November, 2010. I
would suggest, if you are not too late already, that you
schedule your time to ensure you are on this webinar. You
can sign up for the webinar by joining EliKen Marketing Here.

About us:
EliKen is a company formed by Husband/wife team, Kenneth Ford and
Eliene Teixeira dos Santos. They became involved in internet
marketing, through the process of learning to drive traffic to Kenneth's
Insurance sites. They have expanded their areas of interest to other
Niche's and are available for consultation in various areas of interest.
Kenneth's Education includes a BS in History, from Northeastern
University, A Master of Business Administration, from Boston University,
and 21 years practical business and marketing experience. Eliene, has
an IT and biology degree from Brazil and 20 years medical/surgical

                                    EliKen Marketing

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