The Testimony Christian Newspaper                                                                             11 October 2010 - Page 11

   GODLY REVOLUTION                                                                                 The well known, TV show producer, Petri,
                  Lydia Geldenhuys
Gallagher Estates was wildly shaken on Saturday
night the 4th of September by the youth of Godly
                                                        Now is the time for the peace makers.       made his 9th appearance at Godly Revolution
                                                                                                    kicking off with 'Open the Eyes of my
                                                                                                    Heart,' rave club style with all the affects
Revolution as the ground literally moved. Radio                                                     minus the morning headache. He went on to
Pulpit hosted a better night out than Recess, for the                                               say that most of his performances are done
9th year and counting since their inspirational start                                               on the spot without a rehearsed schedule. He
by Dr. Roelf Petersen, MD of Radio Pulpit.                                                          feels the music and sings accordingly.
Hundreds of young people gathered to make a                                                         Fourteen40, in contrast, spend hours
declaration of their beliefs for this generation. 'We                                               practicing and praying over their nightly
are the peacemakers', they said, “Blessed are the                                                   shows. Their vision is for young people to
peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.”                                                  come to know Christ through their music
Riana and Ren from Fourteen40, boldly lead the                                                      and lyrics. Their slot was truly a tribute of
crowd in unison as they sang 'Peacemakers' for                                                      worship to the God we serve! Riana and CJ
media and reporters from all over the city to see.                                                  later introduced a rap duet into the night's
   Anthems of grace and life were sung loudly all                                                   events. John Ellis made his stand to 'let your
through the evening hours with performances by
The Plain Truth, Blue House, Krisstel, CJ, Petri,
                                                         Earth Shaking Revolution                   light shine' and then there was a sea of light,
                                                                                                    well, cellphone light, all across the crowd.
                                                                     Photos by Mariska Geldenhuys
CRC, Riana, John Ellis and Fourteen40. Who ever                      Solo Deo Gloria Photography    After his stage time I was able to chat to the
said that Christians don't have fun have obviously                                                  know solo singer. John, the 'Soutie van
never been to Godly Revolution. “Dit was freakin'                                                   Durban,' in his words, was full of bald
awesome,” in the words of our peacemaking                                                           headed humour as he offered some helpful
generation. With real life, down to Earth people                                                    advice to young bands. “Be gentle as doves
like John Ellis, Ren and the members of The Plain                                                   and wise as serpents when going into the
Truth it's easy to see why their lyrics hit home for                                                music industry. As soon as you start
many teens. Many are confronted with drugs or                                                       recording it means you are in the business
have been to rehab due to addiction. Ren, a now                                                     world.” Being famous however doesn't mean
ex-addict, has been there and he's seen that Gods                                                   you stop having fun. The Plain Truth spend a
grace is unending and meant for everyone. God                                                       lot of their free nights hanging out with
sees us through His eyes, not ours. Take this                                                       friends at KFC, they even have Facebook
example; Krisstel always wondered if God thought                                                    addictions like some of us. They were all
she was beautiful inside and out? She later asked                                                   humbled by the fact that God chose them
and then actually waited on God to answer. A reply                                                  and is using them. They see themselves in
came right to her; Songs of Solomon 4:1, “How                                                       the mirror and know they are just human; but
beautiful you are, my darling! Oh how beautiful!''                                                  God is more. He is the amazing factor. This
One of her biggest inspirations has been Mary                                                       was truly a revolution, not one that passed in
Magdalene and the story of her life. She was so                                                     the hours of the night but one that was
close to Jesus and her hope is to have that same                                                    merely set in motion to shake this world.
closeness. She closed by saying, “One of the cool                                                   Now is the time for the peace makers.
things is, we can come to God just as we are.”

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