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					   The Testimony Christian Newspaper                                                                                                                               11 October 2010 - Page 13
                                                   each other, rumbling the message for all who      YOU DO NOT NEED THE
WHAT IS THE                                        dare to come within mile of the “main event”      NEXT “BIG NAME TO COME
                                                                                                     TO TOWN AND LAY HANDS
                                                                                                                                                       AFRICAN CHURCH THINKS
                                                                                                                                                       PRAYER IS THE ANSWER TO
TRUE                                               For some reason, however I don't feel the same
                                                   today as I once did. There was a time when the
                                                   main event really excited me.
                                                                                                     ON YOU”                                           ALL THINGS, AND DON'T
                                                                                                                                                       REALIZE THAT THE WORD IS
                                                                                                    Could it possible be that the Holy Spirit is       THE ANSWER TO ALL
APOSTOLIC?                                          PEOPLE ARE DOCTRINE
                                                                                                    trying to show me something? Am I the only
                                                                                                    one who feels like something is wrong with
                                                    ILLITERATE, STILL                               this picture?                                    From the desk of the Pastors of Light of the Nations
Over and over I read or watch in media the          STRUGGLING WITH THE
remarkable feasts of great evangelists who are                                                      After all, what could possibly be wrong with     International Ministries,
“taking the nation” and “impacting the world        SAME THINGS, NOT                                great events like this where so many gather to   (Dr Deric & Rev Belinda Linley)
for Christ”                                         KNOWING THE POWER OF                            hear the Gospel?

We see images of the massive tightly crowded        THE WORD TO DELIVER
                                                    THEM!                                           Whilst in Rwanda, I believe we came face to
people together in stadiums waiting for God's
man of faith and power.                            It awesome to see so many people gathered in     face with what is wrong with this picture, so
                                                   one place.                                       many great men of God have ministered in
Some evangelists are being dropped off                                                              Central Africa, all the “big names”, but most
                                                                                                    of the pastors and people living there are
behind the platform by white limousines with
police escorts; others are delivered by
                                                   BUT there is something in me saying,” It's
                                                   terrific that so many people are gathering to    doctrine illiterate, still struggling with the
                                                   hear the Gospel message” yet something           same things, not knowing the power of the
helicopter and surrounded by bodyguards.

Skyscrapers of speakers stacked on top of
                                                   grieves me while witnessing the presentation.    Word to deliver them, but waiting for the next
                                                                                                    “big name” to come to town.                           Pieter 082 329 7754

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   PEOPLE                                            The Importance of a Right Heart (Genesis 6:5 - 8)

                                                 When we look at Noah - We           convictions - ALWAYS.                person to manifest something
Buying Signals - When busy with a sales
presentation, you need to know the basic
                                                 all know the story of Noah and                                           great for God.                        You will only know why you
buying signals your client will give you         the Ark. One doesn't realize        If we can only do that, then we      Like Noah, keep your heart and        have to be obedient, when you
when busy with your sale.                        what impact this story of Noah      seek first the Kingdom of God        attitude right for the word and       are delivered from that
Normally when your client starts nodding         has on man kind?                    and then we live our life            the kingdom of God.                   conviction and God's plan
yes with you that is a positive sign from                                            according to His priorities and      You see Noah never had a clue         manifest in your life.”
your buyer. Be careful though, you can           Let me explain, when we             will and not our priorities and      that he was part of “the
oversell your product. You need to look at a     listen to a sermon we often         will.                                beginning of a new era or new         In the next addition we will
little more signs like, how much does it         hear the preacher saying “be        Back to Noah, God choose             generation” where Abraham             talk about what Abraham's role
cost? Or how can I finance it? What kind of      obedient to the Word of God         Noah because of his right            was born off.                         was for God's master plan for
after service can I expect when having
possible problems with training etc.?
                                                 or towards God.”                    attitude for God's will.             (Something that influences our        man kind.
When your client starts to relax during your                                         God regretted the fact that          lives, even today still)
presentation, smiles more often or when          When we spend time and draw         mankind (since Adam and Eve)         He was obedient at that time          NOAH HAD AN INTIMATE
they start talking as if the product belongs     near to the Holy Spirit and         became wicked with evil              and God looked after him,             RELATIONSHIP WITH
to them already it's a very good signs that a    pray in the spirit for our          thinking in every imagination        saved him from the flood,             GOD! (NOT LIKE THE
client is ready to buy.                          everyday living requirements,       and intension, so He said that       supplying all of his needs.           OTHERS)
Practice your skills, and learn how to read      one will find that one gets         He will destroy all living things    God never did all of this for
your clients as quick as possible.               convicted from the word.            on the face of the earth.            Noah because He wanted Noah
                                                                                                                                                                 But the man did not know.
                                                                                     But Noah found grace (favor)         to be blessed, He did it for us so
No go Signals - No go signals are signals                                                                                                                           So, the man cried out in
that warn you of a “not so good
                                                 To be obedient to what one is       from God.                            that Jesus could come to earth.
presentation” We can classify warning            convicted of is to pray and         Why Noah? Noah was just and          Noah received blessing because         despair.
signals into two categories: non-verbal and      seek from the word for              righteous, blameless in his          he was obedient to God.                "Touch me God, and let me
verbal signals.                                  deliverance of ones                 generation.                          Helping God to manifest
                                                                                                                                                                 know that you are here!"
Non verbal signals can be identified by the      convictions. God will show us       Are you doing your part?             Himself on earth as a human.
way your client acts over all. Is he taking      how to deal with our                You could be the next key            Hallelujah!!!!!                        Whereupon God reached
phone calls, or not giving you his undivided                                                                                                                     down and touched the man.
attention. They normally look at their
                                                                                    And a meadowlark sang.                The man looked around and              But the man brushed the
watch.                                           The Packaging is
Verbal signs are something like: Can we                                             But the man did not hear.             said, "God, let me see you."           butterfly away and walked
finish this later? Or have you seen that other   not what you
                                                                                        So the man yelled, "God,          And a star shone brightly.             on.
company's product? What improvements             expected!                          speak to me!"                         But the man did not notice.            MORAL: Don't miss out on a
have your company made?
Make sure you are familiar with the buying                                          And the thunder rolled across                And the man shouted,            blessing because it isn't
and warning signals, as this is very critical    The man whispered, "God,
                                                                                    the sky.                              "God, show me a miracle!"              packaged the way you
information, especially when you want to         speak to me."
close the deal.                                                                     But the man did not listen.           And a life was born.                   expect.