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									 The Testimony Christian Newspaper                                                                                                                                     11 October 2010 - Page 2

            TIME TO GROW UP
Exodus 35:35 – “He has filled them with wisdom of heart,           We call this a religious spirit: the one that cause you to go to
                                                                                                                                       Most successful business men don't care what people say or
                                                                                                                                       think of them when they do what they have to do to get that
                                                                                                                                       big contract. They will do anything they need to do to get that
                                                                                                                                       contract; they know that if they compromise any of that, it
to work all kinds of workmanship, of the engraver, of the          church every Sunday, the one that cause you to read the bible       will hinder them from getting it. If you are a good
skilful workman, and of the embroiderer, in blue, in               and pray everyday and for some of us; only when we really           businessman, you will know what I'm talking about. That is
purple, in scarlet, and in fine linen, and of the weaver,          need help. This religious spirit makes us do the things we do       the way Christianity also work. If you pursue Christ to be
even of those who do any workmanship, and of those who             (for the wrong reason) regarding Christianity because it may be     formed in you, I guarantee you that you will make the Lord
make skilful works.”                                               a habit, set rules or because you were told and taught to live      glad and that will prosper you in every area of your life!
                                                                   this way by grand parents or other people.                          Don't let your pride comes in your way from being victorious
We can clearly see from the scripture, the empowerment God                                                                             in life. Stop worrying about what people might think of you
gave to every single person. Why does it seem that the             Stop being religious and start having a real relationship with      when you put God first in everything you do.
wisdom of heart He gave all of us is in fact the very thing that   God and be a benefit to His Kingdom in your work place.
causes us to drift away from God? God has given everybody                                                                              YOU CAN HAVE MORE WHEN CONNECTING
the wisdom to become something, yet that same thing we             When I talk about religion or to be religious, I refer to a very    CHRISTIANITY TO YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE, THAN
become eats away most of our time. Satan uses your                 bad habit or the state of mind we are in. We do this thing called   ANY GOOD BUSINESSMAN CAN EVER IMAGINE.
profession or your hobby to turn you away from God.                Christianity out of habit and not because we want to learn more     HAVING BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (IN HEAVEN AND
                                                                   about God and have an intimate relationship with Him. The           ON EARTH), NOT JUST IN THIS WORLD.
God planted your interest in something you want to become          only reason why you should want to learn more about God is
or have already become inside of you for His purpose, and          because you want to be a benefit for His kingdom.                   People ask God for a financial break though, instead why
that is to be a benefit to His kingdom. Why? Because that is                                                                           don't we ask God for wisdom how to obtain financial
the place where you spend most of your time and that is also       I think people have become religious because of the fact that       freedom? If we can take the message from the Word, and
the place where you can influence others around you. (The          they think that when they do the church thing or the                apply it to our lives, and become a doer of the Word, He will
way you live according to biblical principles must be              Christianity thing, they only invest into their future (after       deliver you from the financial burdens you experience. Why
attractive to others so that they want what you have. And you      death). What I mean by this is that most people think               does God want to deliver you from poverty? So that you can
have Jesus!!)                                                      Christianity only secure you a place in heaven one day. So          be a testimony for Him!
God gives you a desire to do a certain job; He looks after you     whatever you do while you are still alive on earth, determines      Question: Are you willing to give away to others exactly what
because you get paid to be a benefit to the Kingdom.               whether you go to heaven or hell.                                   you ask from God?
                                                                   Yes it is so true, BUT we must realize that Christianity is not     Stop living for your purpose. That is the exact reason why you
Satan uses this good thing against God. How? By using the          just about heaven and hell.                                         don't prosper in every area of your life.
money you earn and turning it into an idol. Satan comes with       There is a lot more to Christianity than just that.                 Seek first the Kingdom of God, then, it becomes His problem
counter offers that will steal your time from going to church.                                                                         to pay your bills or deliver you from anything you ask for.
(In church you are suppose to learn how to apply biblical          The Lord said: He wants you to have an abundant life. He
principles to your life) You want more and better, for your        wants you to prosper and have in over flow. Please read             PEOPLE WANT ALL THE BENEFITS OF THE KINGDOM
own reasons. That's what you think, you've been blind sided        Deuteronomy 28: 1-14. It spells out every promise God has for       – BUT ARE NOT WILLING TO DEVOTE THEMSELVES
by the devil. If you first seek the Kingdom of God by doing        your life on earth and not for when you have died. (And gone        COMPLETELY TO HIS KINGDOM.
your job and at the same time be a testimony for others for the    to heaven) If you read further in Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 you         WHEN YOU PRODUCE FRUIT FOR HIS KINGDOM, HE
sake of the Kingdom then God will look after your kingdom,         will find the curses most of us are living in right now.            WILL LOOK AFTER YOUR KINGDOM.
witch includes everything about your life and in your life.        And we think it's just part of life and bad things just happen.
                                                                                                                                       If you want to call yourself a Christian … Then it's time to
We have become religious. Yes, those of you who sit in             You can be exceedingly good in everything you do, IF only you       grow up and act more Christ like!!
church every Sunday and call yourself a Christian, but can't       can connect Christianity with your everyday life. Please stop       Stop being selfish and love others enough to show them that
even get yourself delivered from a minor headache or               thinking that Christianity is only about heaven after death.        the God we serve is real and not just another thing we do on a
situation. Although we understand salvation and know we are        Pursue Christ to be formed in you, it's the only advice I can       Sunday. Show the power of God in your life to others and
redeemed, have knowledge of the Word and we know how to            give right now.                                                     became a testimony for His glory. Amen and Amen!

A Skydiving lesson
All of these pilot and aviation
jokes get me to thinking about
my first skydiving instructor.
During class he would always
take the time to answer any of
our stupid first-timer

One guy asked, "If our chute
doesn't open, and the reserve
doesn't open, how long do we
have until we hit the ground?"

Our jump master looked at
him and in perfect deadpan
and answered, "The rest of
your life."
Supplied by AHA Jokes: visit

Beginning a first flower garden or a new
flower bed can be a little daunting, but it
is also exciting and always an adventure.
Here is a quick rundown of practical                best because it is the easiest to work on.            Size does matter, and bigger is not always           formal or informal style? What color(s)
how to tips on where to put it and how                                                                    better. For a first flower garden I suggest          do you like? What mood? What kind of
to begin.                                           Remove Grass, Sod or Weeds                            starting on the small side. This way you             backdrop will it have?
A Sunny Spot is best.                               First, remove any existing grass or weeds             are less likely to become overwhelmed by
For your first beginning flower garden,             including the roots. The more thoroughly              the preparation phase and won't be                   Selecting Flowers to Grow
pick a spot that is in full direct sun. It          you do this chore now, the better your                swamped by the maintenance as the                    What should I plant? This is the big
should be sunny all day long or for at              results will be later. Add Organic Matter             season progresses. You can always build              question and every gardener will have
least half the day including noontime.              Next, loosen the soil and mix organic                 on your success and expand it later!                 their own personal answer to it, and of
                                                    matter into it.                                                                                            course based on personal taste.
Flat Ground is Easy to Garden                                                                             Meanwhile, think about how you want
For a beginning gardener, flat ground is            What Size Flower Bed is Best?                         your flower garden to look. Do you like a            Follows on page 3 -

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