; Tips To Choose WordPress Theme and Customizing It
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Tips To Choose WordPress Theme and Customizing It


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									Tips To Choose WordPress Theme and Customizing
In this article we will be telling you What to do next after installing a wordpress blog. The very next
step would obviously be to choose a WordPress Theme. Choosing a right theme is quite necessary for
successful blogging, also there are other things likeTheme customization, Plugins setup etc needed
to setup a blog successfully.

Choosing right theme
As discussed earlier choosing WordPress theme, is quite elemental. Well it all depends on your niche, as
to what theme would be best suited for you. Like for e.g if your niche is Automobile, then a theme that
looks flashy would be best suited. However there are other things that are also necessary in choosing a
theme :-
   Theme should be SEO ready : Ya I am not saying that all SEO processes would be done by the
    theme itself, but atleast the theme should be optimizable.
   Theme Should be Adsense ready : If the theme is Adsense ready then you don’t have to
    customize the theme that much to place your Google ads.
   Theme Should have “Thumb.php” : Although nearly all themes have this file, but I have seen a
    few themes where this file is missing, so just look out first for this file. In case you don’t know what
    this file is about then let me tell you that this file is necessary to run a featured gallery on your blog
Theme Customization
After installing a proper WordPress Theme, a lot of Theme customization is required to change the
layout of the theme according to our needs. For e.g in many of the themes you would find categories in the
sidebar, and you want them to show at the top or you want to add some personalized content somewhere
on your blog.
Doing Theme customization is a tedious task, if you have some grasp on PHP then only you can do it. But
you need not worry, if you are finding it hard to customize then you can availour services to do the same.

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