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									      AAMVA Region II 2009 Conference

            Presenting the Alabama
Electronic Title Application Processing System

                     Topics of Discussion
• Intro to ETAPS
• Title Processing Issues Prior to ETAPS
• Benefits of ETAPS
• Processing Changes Implemented
   – ITB
   – Testing/Development
   – Implementation Period

• Issues Encountered
• Results of ETAPS
• Learning Experiences
• Reference Information                     05/09
                    Introduction to ETAPS
• ETAPS (Electronic Title Application Processing System) is a web-
  based title application system that permits designated agents of the
  Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) to access a secure website
  and complete a title application online.

• Once the ETAPS application passes numerous edits designed to
  reduce errors, the application can be printed by the designated agent
  using a laser printer. The printed application and supporting
  documents are then forwarded to the department for processing.

• All accompanying title application fees are sent electronically by bank
  debit or credit card rather than by sending a check.
       Title Processing Issues Prior to ETAPS
• Length of time to process a title
   – Avg. lifecycle of an application was 6 – 8 weeks
• Title application rejection rate
   – Error rate was greater than 9 percent
   – Significant legibility issues
• Staffing issues
   – Alabama processes an avg. of 1.5 million title applications/year
• Traceability
   – Non-ETAPS applications provided no tracking mechanism
   – Resulted in lost applications
                          Benefits of ETAPS
• Higher Focus on Accuracy
   – Pre-qualifier Screen in application
       • Enforces rules to determine transaction type
       • Reduces keying errors
       • Streamlines the process
   – Application fields pre-populate based on transaction type
   – Application fields are non-editable based on transaction type

          Benefits of ETAPS - continued

• Faster Processing Time
   – The avg. lifecycle is 10 business days.
• Automated Payment Collection
   – EFT payments with next day ACH settlements
   – Credit card payment option
• Application Status
   – ETAPS application status check
   – Online application status check by owner(s) or lienholder
            Benefits of ETAPS - Continued
• Audit features
   –   Application Count Reports
   –   EFT Audit Reports
   –   Daily Statistic Reports
   –   Selective Audits of Designated Agents
• Title Snapshot
         Benefits of ETAPS - Continued
• Returned Title Service
        Benefits of ETAPS - Continued
• Internal Messaging System

• Message Broadcast System
               Benefits of ETAPS - Continued

• Dealer & County System Interfaces
   – Being web-based allowed Dealer Management Systems to interface with
     ETAPS to auto-complete title applications using data stored in dealer inventory.
   – County Systems interfaced with ETAPS to extract data from title applications to
     auto-complete motor vehicle registration receipts.

           Processing Changes Implemented
• Invitation to Bid (ITB)
   – Awarded February 2006
   – Successful vendor, 3M Motor Vehicle Systems, had 9 months to design and
     implement system

• Testing/Development
   – Began testing December 2006
   – 4 automobile dealers (New & Used)
   – 2 financial institutions

• Implementation Period
   – Implemented ETAPS live in March 2007
   – Trained 4,000 agents on a regional basis
   – Fully implemented ETAPS October 1, 2008
                      Issues Encountered

• Initial P.C. Field User Set-up

• Dealer Management Systems

• County User Systems
                          Results of ETAPS

•   Faster Processing Time
    –   Before ETAPS, it took approximately 2 months (if done properly) to issue a
        certificate of title.
    –   After ETAPS, it takes approximately 5 to 7 business days to issue a
        certificate of title.

•   Cost Savings
    –   Before ETAPS, Alabama MVD provided all title applications, remittance
        advices at no charge to the agent.
    –   After ETAPS, required forms generate electronically in ETAPS.
    –   Eliminated 90% of data entry costs

               Results of ETAPS - Continued

• Reduced staffing
   – Before ETAPS, Title Section required 79 full-time employees to stay current
     processing work.
   – After ETAPS, Title Section now requires 43 full-time employees to stay

• Improved Customer Service
   – Before ETAPS, Motor Vehicle received approximately 150,000 title inquiries
     per month (Where’s my title?) with a 10-15% answer rate.
   – After ETAPS, Motor Vehicle receives less than 10,000 title inquiries per month
     with a 90% answer rate.
                      Learning Experiences
• Be specific
   – You get what you ask for!
• Keep it simple
   – Don’t lock yourself out of your own system!
• Test extensively
   – Never send an enhancement straight to production!
• Encourage feedback from users
• Establish buy-in from users

                  Reference Information
• For more information regarding ETAPS, please visit the Alabama
  Department of Revenue’s website at and
  link to the Motor Vehicle Division webpage.


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