A brief introduction to for building web applications

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					A brief introduction to is not the upgraded version of classic asp.
It’s a complete new technology for building websites,
web applications,others. It is a unified model and/or
framework including all services to make a enterprise
website or web application.

In you can have access to other .net specific
languages like Vb,c#, to build applications. makes it possible to use full .net framework for
any web application.

It's work with WYSIWYG html editors,Visual and
other programming tools so that development is easier and

Developers can use web forms to build interactive UI based
pages with database implementation in the pages.there are
many server controls to use with pages.there is
a web.config file to hold all settings for your web
applications. allows you to use server functionality via web

If you are a good programmer you will find that
programming model is perfect one for you along with
OOP techinques.

For the user management the .net framework and provides default membership,profile and role
providers in your also provides
default authentication and authorization for applications.

You can run your web applications under IIS
locally(for test) or in hosted server.

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Description: A brief introduction to for building web applications