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									Parasound NewClassic Model 2125 - Power amplifier

Power, Features, Build, and Affordability Parasound's New Classic Model 2125 is destined to be the
company's most popular two-channel power amplifier. Its winning combination of power, features, build
quality, and affordability make it a must-have for all but the most demanding systems. And the THX Ultra2
certification means that it meets the highest performance standards for convincing reproduction of movie
soundtracks. With its advanced and extremely efficient low-heat design, the New Classic Model 2125 runs
cooler than previous Parasound Classic series models, making it ideal for rack or cabinet mounting. The
newly designed power supply delivers all the voltage you need for transient peaks in musical programs and
stunningly realistic special effects. "The NewClassics make a fine upgrade for those wanting to ditch their
mass-market receivers and step in to the world of hi-fi separates," writes Clarke Robinson in his November
2007 review of the Parasound Model 2100 preamp and Model 2125 power amp for "I
am very easily excited by the music they produce. For that they get my recommendation." High-Resolution
Power On Demand The Model 2125 delivers the high-resolution power you need for big entertainment. It
offers 125-watt-per-channel output at 8 ohms and 200 watts at 4 ohms. It will also deliver a huge 400 watts
into 8 ohms or 4 ohms in bridged mono mode. And it boasts 35 amps of peak current per channel for
superior resolution of demanding musical peaks. The sound quality is pure Parasound pleasure, of course.
Fully Discrete Circuitry Fully discrete circuitry with a large toroidal transformer keeps the noise floor
exceptionally low and the musical signal pure. The 'Class AB' circuitry provides efficient operation with less
heat output than pure 'Class A' for the highest degree of reliability with DC servo and relay protection
circuitry. Standby, channel status, and high temperature indicators keep you informed of the operation sta.

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