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 To Introduce New Range Of ID Card Printers

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 The Zebra Card Family

  All companies know the importance of security and the vast majority of them are aware of
  the usefulness of the innovative HID access card system. These businesses will be
  delighted to know that are introducing a variety of ID card printers like
  the Zebra printer which will make it even easier for organizations to print high-tech
  security cards.
Online PR News – 20-October-2010 The innovative security card company, Safe Card ID, have
taken things a step further and are now offering new printers to companies looking to keep with the
times. It seems that the cost of printing was what caused businesses to stick with the old photo ID
system. It seems strange that large organizations would still be willing to trust an old and easily
bypassed method of security for the sake of a relatively small amount of money.
Nonetheless, a company’s bottom line is its profit margin so if there are ways to cut expenditure they
will use them. Thanks to machinery like the Zebra printer which is now on sale on,
a business can save money and improve their security. This particular company is a brand that is
trusted all over the world with millions of ID cards printed daily using one of their printers. They can
now be bought from Safe-Card ID for little over a thousand dollars and this one time cost could
save you a fortune in the long run. No longer will you have to spend large sums of money replacing
ID cards for forgetful employees. They are also extremely easy to use and the accompanying
manual tells a user all they need to know. has a variety of ID card printers to choose from so it is important to ascertain your
company’s needs. For example, will your ID cards be single or double sided? Smaller businesses
will probably be able to make do with a single side but large organizations would be better served
utilizing the double-sided option. This enables them to print magnetic stripes and barcodes on them
for extra security. When these cards are swiped at the card reader, the information on the card will
be instantly relayed to the main computer which will immediately decide the eligibility of the card
holder. Having two sides means more details which of course equals better security.
It goes without saying that a small company will not have space for a top of the range Zebra printer
but it doesn’t really have to. Regardless of their size or cost, a printer from will
provide a business with years of hassle free printing. It seems that medium or small organizations
don’t feel the need to own an ID card printer yet it makes perfect sense for a company with a
moderate revenue to go down this avenue. It is a fixed cost and can be recorded on the balance
sheet as such rather than having to guess how many ID cards will be needed per annum. Even
small companies have sensitive information so surely it’s a good idea to ensure its safety?
Irrespective of whether it’s a small family owned business or a giant organization, ID card printers
should be on the list of must buys. Thanks to and their brand new range of slick
printers, companies can now print ID cards without having to worry about going over budget.
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Name      : Safe-Card ID Services, Inc
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PO Box : 7621 Little Ave, Suite 214
City      : Charlotte
State     : North Carolina
Zip Code : 28226
Country : United States

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