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House Dust Mite Workshop by hcj


									                                                                 House Dust Mite Workshop

                                                    World Allergy Congress in Thailand, 6 December 2007

        All you need to know about House Dust Mites!
                    Can dust mites cause allergic reactions?
                    How do you control dust mites?
                    What kinds of bedding covers are best?
                    Curious? The answers are in this workshop.


        This workshop aims to provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of house dust mites, and will cover the science of HDMs, how HDMs
        contribute to the development of allergies, as well as mite allergen measurements, efforts to control HDMs and a description of the available anti-mite

        Lecturers and Guest Speakers
             1.       Prof. Pakit Vichyanond
             2.       Prof. Thomas AE Platt-Mills
             3.       Prof. Wayne Thomas
             4.       Prof. John J. Boitano
             5.       Dr. Euan Tovey
             6.       Dr. Ho Tze Ming
             7. Assoc. Prof. Vanna Mahakittikun
             8. Assoc. Prof. Anchalee Tungtrongchitr
             9. Assoc. Prof. Sirirchit Wongkamchai
             10. Assist. Prof. Nat Malainual
             11. Dr. Lina Ngamtrakulpanit

Fig 1. Lecture on “Trends in mite allergen research” by Prof.Wayne Thomas

     1)    The Biology and classification of HDMs
     2)    Collecting dust samples
     3)    Starting your own cultivation of HDMs
     4)    Trends in mite allergen research
     5)    The Control of house dust mites;
                       a. Physical methods
                       b. Chemical methods
                       c. Air filtration devices

     6)    Encasing materials claimed to be mite-proof
     7)    Natural anti-mite products as potential alternatives

     Demonstrations and Laboratories

     1)   How to start your own culture?
     2)   Dust collection; Preparation of dust for research analyses
     3)   Mite allergen measurements :
          Specific and non-specific tests for mite allergen               detection in dust
     4) Mite count; epidemiological survey
     5) Mite identification:
                 Common mites found in dust
                 How to use pictorial keys for mite identification
                 Hands-on preparation of take home slides
     6) Anti-mite products

Fig 2. A typical Lab session-proactive learning
            The participants will receive hands-on training and develop
their own slides to take home following lecturer presentations.
Fig 3. Procedure for collecting dust
           -How to collect dust from the environment?
           -How to use the dust trap?
           -How to prepare dust for research analysis?

                                Attention Please

This workshop is intended for the researcher interested in:
          (a) developing an experimental approach for the scientific study of HDM
          (b) learning control procedures and
          (c) finding out about anti-mite products.
              Registration fee                               : 100 USD
              Place                                          : Meeting Room
              Time                                           : 8.45 -12.15; Dec 6, 2007

                                                           House Dust Mite Workshop
                                              World Allergy Congress in Thailand, 2-6 December 2007

     Time                                                    Topics                                                     Speakers

8.45-9.00      HDM , the most important source of allergen                                            Prof.Thomas AE Platt-Mills

9.00-9.30      Trends in mite allergen research                                                       Prof. Wayne Thomas

9.30-10.00     The Control of house dust mites                                                        Dr. Euan Tovey
                      Physical methods
                      Chemical methods

10.00-10.15    Overview: All you need to know on house dust mites                                     Assoc. Prof. Vanna
                                                                                                      Prof. John J. Boitano
10.15-10.45    Coffee break

10.45-12.15    Table 1: Biology of HDM                                                                Prof.Thomas AE Platt-Mills
                       Live mites                                                                    Dr. Ho Tze Ming
                       Life cycle                                                                    Assist.Prof.Dr.Nat Malainual
                       Common house dusts and storage mites
                       Mite identification
                       Mite count
                       Mite reservoirs
                       Hands on preparation of slides to take home

               Table 2: Dust Analysis                                                                 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sirichit
                       Dust collection : demon equipments and method for collecting dust              Wongkamchai
                       Dust preparation for immunological diagnosis (dust extract)                   Dr. Lina Ngamtrakulpanit
               Table 3: Mite allergens measurements                                                   Prof. Wayne Thomas
                       Mite allergens detections
                              -Non specific tests (Guanine test)
                              -Specific tests; lateral flow test, Der p3,
                                 Wipe test
                       Allergens Update (nomenclature & characterization)
               Table 4: Controlling of HDM & Anti-mite products                                        Dr. Euan Tovey
                      Physical methods -Effect of Heat and Cold                                       Assoc.Prof.Dr. Anchalee
                                             -Washing                                                     Tungtrongchitr
       Chemical methods :acaricide
       Natural products; anti-mite herbal spray
       Air cleaner device: how to select air filter devices?
Table 5: Anti-mite covers and Anti-mite agents                                          Assoc. Prof. Vanna
       Assessments of the efficacy of anti-mite covers                                   Mahakittikun
       Assessments of anti-mite agents                                                 Prof. John J. Boitano
       Establishment of performance criteria for materials used in anti-mite covers.
Demon: Various types of anti-mite covers,
        How to use the covers and maintenance

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