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					                                 CCN (REVISE D COURSE) -B.E(E XTC)-2008

        N.B,    :       Question no.1 is compulsory
                        attempt any 4 Question out of 6 Question

1. (a)           Compare OS I model & TCP/IP model                                               (5)
     (b) explain HDLC data link control                                                   (5)
     (c)   what is difference between network layer delivery & transport   layer delivery (5)
     (d) explain packet switching in brief                                                       (5)

2.(a)  explain performance issues in ARQ                                                  (10)
   (b) draw layered OS I network architechture.ex plain the functions of each layer -     (10)
& show path of actual & virtual communication bet ween layer

3.(a)    explain SONE T multiplexing & SONE T frame structure                             (10)
   (b)   what is mechanism of sliding window flow control                                        (10)

4.(a)    differentiate UDP & TCP                                                                 (10)
   (b)     show that maximum throughput of pure ALOHA is 1/2e                                    (10)

5.(a)  explain various transmission media in detail                                       (10)
   (b) explain spanning tree algorithm with reference to frame forwarding,
address learning & loop resolution                                                        (10)

6.(a)    explain dijikstra shortest path algorithm using graph                            (10)
   (b)   with block diagram explain A TM protoc ol architecture                           (10)

7.write short notes on:-
      (a) IPV4 & IPV6                                                                     (5)
      (b) Hubs,Bridges &Switches                                                          (5)
      (c) FDDI                                                                            (5)
      (d) ATM                                                                             (5)