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									Infrastructure Solutions

NetApp Disaster Recovery
for VMware Environments
Improve data protection with our affordable disaster
recovery solution.
                                           The Challenge                                       maintaining, and managing these assets,
                                           Implementing an affordable, reliable                which often requires specialized staff and
                                           disaster recovery solution for virtual              training, can be a big expense.
Minimize downtime
                                           environments                                      • Speed. In your consolidated environment,
Enable rapid recovery and minimize
                                           Your virtual-server environment produces            meeting the backup window can be even
downtime by using our clustering and
                                           compelling benefits. Not only can it signifi-       more difficult as you increase the amount
replication solutions.
                                           cantly reduce your capital expenses and             of data to be backed up and the compute
Save time and money                                                                            resources needed to complete the backup
                                           operational costs, it can also enable
Eliminate the need for duplicating                                                             in time. Traditional tape solutions simply
                                           you to provide increased responsiveness
expensive primary storage at the                                                               cannot handle the load.
                                           and improved service levels to your end
DR site with our unified storage                                                             • Reliability. When it comes to your data,
                                           users. But as you implement virtual envi-
architecture.                                                                                  there is no room for mistakes. Traditional
                                           ronments where multiple applications are
Reduce storage and power demands           consolidated onto fewer physical servers,           tape recovery is particularly prone to error,
Consume minimal bandwidth and              it becomes even more important to plan              and restoration processes often involve
nominal storage space by using             for and implement robust disaster recovery          multiple steps, increasing the opportuni-
Snapshot™ deduplication technology.        (DR). Best-practice business continuance            ties for something to go wrong as you
                                           policies and increasing government regula-          recover your data. In addition, traditional
get more from your DR investment           tions, such as SOX and HIPPA, make a                approaches do not offer you the ability
Get the most from your DR investment       functioning DR site a requirement—not just          to nondisruptively test your DR solution,
with an active DR site and disaster        a good idea.                                        which can lead to unpredictable outcomes
recovery support for heterogeneous,                                                            when disaster strikes.
P2V, and V2V environments.                            ,
                                           At NetApp, we recognize that your DR
                                           solution has to be rapid, reliable, and afford-   You can get more from your DR investment
lower total cost of ownership                                                                when you use rapid, reliable, and affordable
                                           able. Traditional DR approaches are often
Lower your total cost of ownership                                                           solutions from NetApp and VMware. VMware
                                           inadequate in today’s IT environments for a
while enjoying solutions that are                                                            features such as system encapsulation
                                           number of reasons, including:
simple to install and easy to manage.                                                        and hardware independence enable you
Sleep at night                             • Cost. Traditional data replication solu-        to simplify your disaster recovery. You can
Sleep better at night, knowing that          tions require secondary hardware that           also extend the benefits of server virtualiza-
your data is protected with our reliable     is a replica of your primary site, as well      tion—better asset utilization, lower TCO, and
and testable DR solution.                    as duplicate software licenses, dedi-           greater flexibility—to your DR infrastructure.
                                             cated network bandwidth, and converter          Together, we make disaster recovery practical.
                                             hardware for IP networks. Deploying,
Our comprehensive portfolio of DR                             disks in a consolidated system in a RAID 5      contingencies—from single component
options provides:                                             environment, tens of virtual machines could     failures, such as the loss of a controller
                                                              go down. With our RAID-DP,® your system         or disk shelf, to major site disasters. With
• Simplified data management.                                 can tolerate two simultaneous drive failures    automatic, single-click recovery in any event,
• Faster backup and recovery.                                 at half the cost of equivalent technologies,    you are assured of zero data loss and nearly
• Better storage resiliency.                                  such as RAID 10.                                instantaneous recovery. Depending on your
The SOlUTIOn                                                                                                  specific needs, you can choose one of the
                                                              Our Snapshot copies offer more stability,       following MetroCluster configurations:
affordable disaster recovery you                              scalability, recoverability, and performance
can rely on                                                   than those of our competitors. With our         • Stretch MetroCluster. For campus DR
As you virtualize your server environments                    Snapshot technology in place, you can             protection up to 500 m.
and allocate more data to your existing                       create read-only, point-in-time copies of       • Fabric MetroCluster. For metropolitan
physical servers, you face the need for                       data with no additional performance               DR protection up to 100 km.
greater resiliency than is provided by data                   penalties. You also get instantaneous
reliability schemes such as RAID 5. The                       backup and effective safeguards against         Regional DR. To get the most out of a
stakes are high. If you lose even two                         all forms of data corruption.                   regional DR solution, the recovery site
                                                                                                              should be in an altogether different climate
                                                              When you choose our clustering and              and geological zone than the primary site.
 $$$       Synchronous                                        replication solutions, you get a portfolio of   With our SnapMirror® technology, your data
                                                              DR systems that meet the full continuum of      is mirrored synchronously or asynchronously
                                                              availability demands, including campus and      to your remote recovery sites, providing
           Synchronous DR                                     metro disaster recovery, regional recovery,     anytime, anywhere access to your data.
             Synchronous DR + HA                              and disaster recovery in environments that      SnapMirror gives you the ultimate in
                                                              contain devices from multiple vendors and       efficiency and cost effectiveness, with
Cost           Continuous Asynchronous DR        Regional
                                                 Protection   combinations of physical and virtual servers.   several compelling advantages:
                  Periodic Asynchronous DR
                                                              (See Figure 1.)
                                                                                                              • Storage efficiency. After you make the
                                                     Backup   Campus and metro DR. NetApp’s Metro-              first complete baseline copy, SnapMirror
                                   Tape Backup
                                                              Cluster uses synchronous replication to           stores only incremental changes to
                                                              mirrored disks located outside the data           your data.
       0                               >24 Hours
                     RPOs/RTOs                                center to provide superior data protection      • Cost effectiveness. You can easily
Figure 1                                                      at the campus or metro level. With                replicate data from FC storage to less
NetApp data protection solutions.                             MetroCluster, you are protected in all            expensive ATA storage.
“ Networking and bandwidth costs for
  NetApp SnapMirror asynchronous
  solutions are 1/10 those of Symmetrix
  SRDF/A and about 50% less than EMC
  CLARiiON Mirror View and HP EVA.”
 Mercer Management Consulting

 • Performance optimization. With no hits           in the deployment and repurposing of                    application-consistent Snapshot copies and
   to compute power on the server or client,        storage hardware.                                       enable you to quickly recover data at both
   your ongoing operations are not affected       • greater cost efficiency. Our unified                    the file and system levels. Our solutions are
   by SnapMirror operation.                         storage architecture eliminates the need                simple to deploy, maintain, and manage,
 • Bandwidth efficiency. Because                    for identical, expensive storage at the DR              which translates to lower administrative
   SnapMirror sends only changed data               site, leaving you free to use inexpensive               overhead.
   blocks over the network, your servers and        disks and devices and to further reduce
   clients experience no hit to bandwidth.          administrative overhead, training, and                  With the integration of NetApp DR solutions
                                                    integration costs.                                      with VMware® Site Recovery Manager, you
 DR for hybrid environments. If you want                                                                    will be able to further speed up the recovery
 a flexible, nondisruptive DR solution for        Simplify recovery                                         process by automating discovery, failover,
 use across hybrid infrastructures, our           Our DR solutions feature integrated data                  fallback, and testing.
 ReplicatorX™ can continuously replicate          management capabilities that offer you
 both your application and system data
 across any vendor’s storage system—FC
                                                                                                     Competitors vs. NetApp
 SAN, IP SAN or iSCSI, direct-attached
 storage (DAS), or internal disk. It can also
                                                  High-End                                   Replication
 replicate from your physical or virtualized      SAN
                                                                OS1         Platform 1
                                                                                             Product A
 production servers to your virtualized target                                                                                            •   Single OS
                                                                                                                                          •   SAN and NAS
 servers (P2V or V2V). With up-to-the-                                                                                                    •   Any-to-any replication
                                                                                                                                          •   Multi-purpose DR
 second replicas of the production data at        Low-End                                    Replication
                                                                OS2         Platform 2
                                                  SAN                                        Product B
 the recovery site, you can have full recovery
 in seconds with no consistency blackouts.

 MaxIMIze eFFICIenCY                              NAS           OS3         Platform 3
                                                                                             Product C
 To provide you with market-leading storage
 and data management efficiencies, our
 unified storage architecture offers the                                                     Replication
                                                  Compliance    OS4         Platform 4
 following benefits:                                                                         Product D

 • Simultaneous support for San, naS,                                                                                          NetApp
   and iSCSI. With simultaneous support for       Figure 2                                                                     Storage
   a variety of protocols, you gain flexibility   Single architecture = simplicity for DR.
Simplify management                                administrators will appreciate the ability to       enaBle YOUR SUCCeSS
You can activate policy-based data                 easily and instantaneously create cloned            Despite their many benefits, your virtual-
protection for your business-critical data         environments for development and testing            ized environments can require a high level
by using our Protection Manager software.          with no additional overhead. You can use            of service and support. You can access
By automating complex configuration                this capability to vastly improve the quality       our extensive storage expertise, innovative
tasks, you reduce the risk of human error          of deployed products and services and               technologies, and best practices through our
and the need for manual intervention. With         to accelerate development, testing, and             Professional Services and Global Support
automatic conformance checking, you get            deployment workflows.                               teams. We will work with you to accelerate
reliable delivery of data-protection service     • Validate disaster readiness. Many orga-             the return on your infrastructure investments
level agreements, while a simple dashboard         nizations never test their remote disaster          and to ensure that you get the most busi-
displays comprehensive data information            recovery capabilities because testing can           ness benefit from them. Our Global Support
at a glance.                                       be very disruptive, which means that                Organization will respond to you, anywhere
                                                   most alternate sites are seldom tested.             in the world, with one of the most flexible
Maximize storage efficiency                        According to the National Archives and              support programs in the industry, so that you
To extend the benefits of server virtual-          Records Administration, as mentioned in             get exactly the support you need for your
ization to your storage environment, we            the June 2007 issue of Storage, a stag-             unique IT and business requirements.
offer innovative thin provisioning and             gering 80% of users report testing their
deduplication technologies that greatly            company’s DR systems once a year or                 To learn how we can work with your
enhance storage utilization. (See Figure 2.)       less, while 67% of users report being only          company to deliver simple, rapid, and
Our deduplication technology transparently         minimally confident that their DR system            reliable disaster recovery for your virtualized
deduplicates data in any volume regardless         would work as planned in the event                  environments, please contact our represen-
of the data type. With Snapshot copies and         of disaster.                                        tatives through the links on our Web site.
deduplication, you can eliminate redundant
data and reduce the overall amount of              With NetApp’s cloning capabilities, your            leaRn MORe
data to be stored, resulting in substantial        administrators can easily and instanta-
                                                                                                       To learn more about how NetApp and
cost savings for your secondary storage            neously create test DR environments as
                                                                                                       VMware solutions have helped thousands
infrastructure.                                    frequently as they like, and you can be
                                                                                                       of customers around the world, please visit
                                                   confident that your DR environments
                                                                                                       the following URLs:
PUT YOUR DR SYSTeMS TO wORK                        will provide full recovery when a real
For many businesses, DR systems are                disaster strikes.                                   • Library of NetApp Technical Reports:
dormant and their expense is justified only in   • Offload work from primary systems.          
the event of a disaster. With our technology,      You can also use the clone capabilities             • NetApp and VMware ESX Server 3.0:
however, you can transform your DR envi-           of NetApp technologies to help take                   Building a Virtual Infrastructure from
ronment into a working business asset. With        the load off primary systems for tape                 Server to Storage:
NetApp FlexClone® technology, you have             backup, load balancing, data mining,        
the power to instantly replicate data volumes      and report generation.                              • NetApp and VMware ESX Server 3.0
and data sets without requiring additional                                                               Storage Best Practices:
                                                 TeaM UP wITh a leaDeR
storage space at the time of creation. When                                                    
you combine FlexClone with ReplicatorX,          NetApp is the natural choice when it comes            • Disaster Recovery for VMware Using
you can also clone secondary data quickly        to selecting a storage and data management              NetApp Storage:
and easily without any disruption to the         partner to implement and support your virtu-  
active system.                                   alized server environments. Over the years,           • NetApp Backup Solutions for VMware
                                                 we and our global partners have worked                  Environments Solution Brief:
With the cloning capabilities of NetApp          with more than 3,000 customers to virtualize  
technologies, you can quickly accomplish         numerous server and storage environments.               server-virtualization/vmware.html
the following:                                   Our customers have helped us grow to be
                                                 a market leader in DR solutions, with the
• accelerate development and time
                                                 highest growth rate in the industry.
  to deployment. Your application

                                                 NetApp creates innovative storage and data            Worldwide Storage Replication Software 2007-2011 Forecast Update

                                                                                                       and 2006 Vendor Shares: July 2007.
                                                 management solutions that help you accel-
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