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10 Reasons


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Top Reasons to Choose
NetApp for Oracle
Reduce cost and complexity                       Increase availability and performance            Improve information lifecycle management
Deploying Oracle® on NetApp reduces com-         You can perform fast, reliable backups and       You can easily migrate, secure, and archive
plexity, improves your return on investment      restores and cost-effective disaster recovery    your enterprise data for regulatory compli-
(ROI), and lowers your total cost of ownership   using our innovative storage technologies.       ance when you use Oracle on NetApp’s
(TCO). With NetApp, you can lower your           The FlexShare™ feature of our Data ONTAP®        technologies.
TCO by up to 42% over competitive storage        7G operating system lets you boost applica-
solutions in database environments.1             tion performance by prioritizing resources       Accelerate deployment
                                                 on the fly.                                      You can more efficiently deploy and manage
Streamline processes                                                                              your Oracle applications running on NetApp
NetApp SnapManager® for Oracle integrates        Respond quickly to changing needs                storage when you use Oracle Consulting and
with native Oracle technology to automate        Say goodbye to overprovisioning. When            NetApp’s predefined accelerated services for
and simplify the backup and recovery of          you use NetApp’s FlexVol® technology, you        high availability, performance, backup, and
your Oracle Databases.                           can add storage incrementally as you need        consolidation.
                                                 it, with no application downtime and no
Boost productivity                               unexpected changes in performance. You           Get help when and where you need it
The combination of our innovative data man-      can increase your storage utilization and        You can rest easy knowing that your data is
agement software and Oracle tools allows         significantly reduce the cost of additional      supported 24x7, around the world, by skilled
your administrators to automate common           storage acquisition.                             NetApp and Oracle employees. With the
tasks, leaving them free to further focus on                                                      joint NetApp and Oracle service agreement,
value-added activities.                          Simplify data management                         you get a single point of contact and collab-
                                                 You can reduce costs and simplify data           orative support to better meet your needs.
Improve time to market                           management with more efficient consolida-
With our FlexClone® technology, you can          tion, which results from deploying Oracle
quickly create copies of your production         on NetApp. Our joint testing, integration,
data and use it to perform thorough testing      and validation enable full interoperability of
and development of your Oracle Databases         Oracle on NetApp with all versions of Oracle
and applications. As a result, you’ll be able    running on UNIX®, Windows®, and Linux®
to deploy your new applications faster than      servers with attach methods for all protocols
ever before.                                     (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NFS).
                 NetApp creates innovative storage and data        Source:

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                                                                   change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further faster,
                 erate business breakthroughs and achieve          Data ONTAP, FlexClone, FlexVol, SnapManager, and FlexShare are
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                 outstanding cost efficiency. Discover our         other countries. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft
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