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                      Biometric Handwritten Signatures
                    Frequently Asked Questions
                    What is a biometric handwritten signature?
                    A captured handwritten signature looks identical to a person’s original wet ink signature. But
                    if you use the our digital signature suite it is much more than just an electronic image.
                    SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person by parameters of pressure,
                    acceleration, speed and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and
                    cannot be easily reproduced by a forger. Once a signature including all the biometric
                    parameters has been embedded into a document it is turned into a signed and sealed PDF.

                    Does your system work with various signature pads?
                    SIGNificant is tested with more than 20 different devices from various vendors. Support for
                    new devices is added to the product suite in an ongoing effort.

                    Where does your system store the signature(s)?
                    SIGNificant stores the signature(s) in the document only, so no database or any kind of
                    repository is needed to verify the authenticity of the document at a later time. SIGNificant
                    creates self contained documents. The signatures are visible in the document, however,
                    signature dynamics are encrypted within this document, and can only be extracted using a
                    key owned by your company, in case a document gets challenged.

                    Can your system compare signatures, and possibly authenticate the signatory?
                    SIGNificant Biometric Server can compare signatures (based on speed, acceleration etc.)
                    in real time. Thus, the signature can be used to authenticate a signatory (e.g. a returning

Expected ROI
within 12 months!
                           Can the signature be analyzed at a later point?
                           The dynamic (biometric) signature is stored in the document in an encrypted way. Using a
                           key owned by your company, it can be extracted at any later point, and compared to a
                           signature sample using SIGNificant PenAnalyst. PenAnalyst is a tool to help forensic
                           experts to compare speed, acceleration, pressure, angle and the time used to sign.

                           What file formats does your system work with?
                           SIGNificant can sign ANY document which is printable in Windows by using a printer driver.
                           However, the final signed document will be a standard PDF file. In addition to the printer
                           driver, SIGNificant Server comes with various native converters (e.g. html, doc, docx, xls,
                           xlsx, ppt, pptx, GIF, JPG, TIFF to PDF)

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                          xyzmo SIGNificant provides a strong Return on Investment for various industries, with
                          cost savings achieved in labor, paper, storage and scanning. Payback of 12 months or
                          less is expected from the use of xyzmo SIGNificant.