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Using xyzmo in the Retail Arena


									Using xyzmo in the Retail Arena
White Paper

   Using xyzmo in the Retail Arena
                                            Returning customers are one of the main
                                            measurements of a business’ success,
                                            particularly in the retail sector. Therefore a
                                            satisfied customer is the main goal of every
                                            business. On the other side, the retail arena is
                                            facing high cost related pressures that require
                                            more and more automation in the POS area in
                                            order to reduce the cost structure. xyzmo’s
                                            solution for the retail industry helps achieving
   improved customer satisfaction rates whilst ensuring lean processes, by offering simple
   and secure electronic signature solutions, that solve the challenge of signing electronic
   documents securely while simultaneously reducing the costs and labor associated with
   paper-based processes and improving the time required for doing business at the POS.
   With the combination of the “slim” and secure
   SIGNificant Generic POS Connector used at POS in
   retail outlets and the SIGNificant Server
   infrastructure used in the datacenters, expensive
   traditional   paper-based      processes    efficiently
   transform into full electronic processes. This cutting
   edge solution is tailor-made for POS systems,
   characterized with a generic interface supporting any
   POS system.
   Paper-based business transactions are time consuming and expensive as they require
   slips to be printed twice, one slip to be signed by the customer for archiving purposes
   and another to be given to the customer. The customer signs the paper slip and the POS
   system sends the slip’s raw data to the company’s back-office, while the signed paper
   slip is sent via physical mail to the back office or third parties. At the next stage the
   signed paper slip is scanned and archived with the raw data or manually archived in a
   physical archive.
   The fully electronic process is done easily and intuitively. It starts with the customer’s
   handwritten signature on a signature tablet and followed with an option to verify the
   signature with the SIGNificant Biometric Server. Then a customer copy of the slip can
   either be printed by the POS system or be sent to the customer via email by the
   SIGNificant Server. At the next step the SIGNificant POS Connector encrypts the raw
Using xyzmo in the Retail Arena
White Paper

   data and signature data and transfers them to the back-office. In case a network
   connection is not available, data is cached locally and retransmitted when online
   connectivity is achieved again. The SIGNificant Server converts the raw data into signed
   and sealed PDF slips at the back-office and then sends the PDF and raw data to the
   Advancing to a fully electronic process offers companies in the retail arena the benefits
   of a secure paperless environment. These valuable benefits include elimination of costs
   associated with paper-based POS (reduction of between 50%-100% in paper slips
   printing; reduction of 100% physical mails and scans), acceleration of business
   processes, avoiding lost slips and enabling retailers to perform transactions faster
   compared to their competitors. Additional benefits include fast and easy integration,
   thanks to the similarity of this process to the current paper-based process and the
   generic interface suiting any POS system and any archive at any IT environment.
   Furthermore, by adopting electronic signatures in the retails industry, companies provide
   customers with an easier, less time consuming experience and enable the generation of
   an audit trail necessary for compliance. Finally, last but not least is the significantly
   improved security aspect, based on automatic data encryption at the POS side and
   secure identification of customers.
   To learn more about xyzmo SIGNificant’s solutions, please visit:

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