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									Protein Synthesis

What is protein synthesis?

• The building of proteins

through the reading of the DNA code.

What do proteins do?
1. Enzymes: Control chemical reactions in the body.
• Example: reactions in the heart and brain

2. They regulate the pattern of growth. They build cells.

Do you recognize this person?

Do you recognize this person?

Amino Acids

• Proteins are made of individual
units called amino acids!

Amino Acids

Roles of RNA and DNA
• DNA:
– gives the code to put the amino acids into order to make the protein.

• RNA:
– takes the code from the nucleus to the ribosome where proteins are produced.


• Process by which messenger

RNA is used to make proteins.

Steps to translation!
1. Messenger RNA comes into the ribosome.
2. Transfer RNA reads messenger RNA.

3. Transfer RNA pulls amino acids into place based upon the code from messenger RNA.

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