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									Field Trip Permission Slip
Event: [Type event here] Date: [Type date here] Cost: [Type amount here] Please check one of the following lunch choices. The price for the school lunch will be equivalent to the regular school lunch price. Please include the additional amount with your remittance.  Bring Lunch from Home  Buy Lunch from School

We will be leaving the school at approximately [Type time here] and will return in time for regular school dismissal. Pl ease sig n and re tu r n t he bott om p or ti on b y [T yp e da te he re ] al ong wit h p aymen t for thi s e ve nt . __________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Yes My Child __________________________________ has my permission to attend this outing.  No My Child __________________________________ will be unable to attend on this date. We will need [Type number here] parent volunteers. Please indicate whether you would like to be a chaperone for this event.  Ye s I wou ld l ike t o chap er one A note will be sent home with your child if you are selected as a chaperone.



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