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					  ViraStop 2X - 90 - Capsule

ViraStop 2XTM Whether your concern is seasonal well-being or general immune health, ViraStop 2X
contains Enzymedica’s highest blend of therapeutic proteolytic enzymes. Two times stronger than
Enzymedica’s original ViraStop blend, you may use ViraStop 2X daily or at the onset of a
condition. ViraStop 2Xâ„¢ employs a unique ultra high potency blend of protease enzymes in place of
the herbs and nutraceuticals found in many products in the wellness category.  ViraStop 2X
contains Enzymedica’s Thera-blend™ of eight different proteases chosen for their unique
proteolytic abilities. Taken on an empty stomach, the protease enzymes found in ViraStop 2X can
reduce the burden on the immune system, promoting the breakdown and elimination of proteins in the
bloodstream, aiding optimal immune function. Protease enzymes break down proteins, be they
proteins in the digestive system, cellular debris or toxins in the blood. Not all proteases, however, can
break down all proteins. Therapeutic protease enzymes go beyond digestion, travel through our
bloodstream and serve as catalysts to metabolism, detoxification and immune activity. The proteolytic
enzymes in ViraStop 2X support the enzymatic activity of the human body, making the formula a
potent immune balancer. While proteolytic enzymes are able to dissolve almost all proteins, this only
applies to proteins that are not components of living cells. For protease to digest a protein it must be
damaged, attached to a dead organism, or be a protein that does not belong in the body. The body
employs enzymes to break down foreign invaders such as bacteria, yeasts and viruses. This happens
  because viruses are cell parasites consisting of nucleic acids covered by a protein film. Once
digested, the body eliminates the v

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