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Dalvoy High School Building, Behind Mysore City Corporation
             Mysore, Karnataka, India – 570 024
   Phone: 0821-2446377, Cell: 099806 14663, 094480 54652

1.    Examination Centres
2.    About Engineering & Engineer
3.    Details of the Course
4.    Syllabus of Section A (Non-Diploma)
5.    Syllabus of Section A (Diploma-Stream)
6.    Branches of Engineering in Section B
7.    Syllabus – Aerospace Engg.
8.    Syllabus – Civil Engg.
9.    Syllabus – Computer Engg.
10.   Syllabus – Electronics & Communication Engg.
11.   Syllabus – Mechanical Engg.
12.   Syllabus – Marine Engg.
13.   About Postal Supported Program
14.   Recognition of the course
15.   Recognition by Universities / Institutions for AMIE
16.   Fee structure
  Kathmandu                   Jamshedpur
  Abudhabi                    Muzaffarpur
  Bahrain                     Abudhabi
  Doha                        Delhi
  Kuwait                      Karnal
  Faridabad                   Jalandhar
  Ludhiana                    Chandigarh
  Patiala                     Jammu
  Shimla                      Kanpur
  Srinagar                    Lucknow
  Allahabad                   Jaipur
  Roorkee                     Udaipur
  Ajmer                       Jodhpur
  Kota                        Vallabh
  Ahmedabad                   Vadodara
  Vidyanagar                  Bombay
  Surat                       Pune
  Goa                         Kothapur
  Ahmednagar                  Aurangabad
  Nasik                       Indore
  Nagpur                      Jabalpur
  Bhopal                      Korba
  Bhilai                      Cuddapah
  Hyderabad                   Visakapatnam
  Vijayawada                  Bangalore
  Kakinada                    Hubli
  Mysore                      Kalpakkam
  Madras                      Thiruchinapalli
  Neyveli                     Ranipet
  Madurai                     Cochin
  Coimbatore                  Calcutta
  Trivandrum                  Asansol
  Durgapur                    Jalpaiguri
  Kharagpur                   Bhubaneshwar
  PortBlair                   Berhampur
  Sunabeda                    Burla
  Angul                       Guwahati
  Rourkela                    Silchar
  Namrup                      Patna
  Agartala                    Dhanbad
  Jamalpur                    Sindri
  Bokaro                      Ranchi
     ABOUT ENGINEERING                      Vinci     (1452-1519)    was    military
                                            engineer to the Duke of Milan for 18
Engineering is the art of utilising the     years and Galileo (1564-1643) was the
great sources of power in nature for        Professor of Physics and Military
the benefit, convenience and survival       Engineering. It may be surmised that
of mankind. In its modern form,             „Engineer‟ (ingenium) was the title in
engineering involves men, money,            Italy for those who carried out military
materials, machines and energy. It is       activities like building war machines
differentiated from science in that it is   and fortifications.
primarily concerned with how to direct
the discoveries of pure science to                  The word „engineer‟ may well
useful and economical ends and              have originated from the fact that
formulated acceptable theories and          these people developed the technical
practices from them. Engineering,           aids of warfare and defence which
therefore,d emands the creative             were then known as „ingenia‟.
imagination and originally to innovate      However, in Italy, surveyors and canal
useful     applications   of     natural    builders were also called „ingeniaril‟.
phenomena. It continuously seeks            Towards the end of the 17 th Century,
newer and novel, cheaper and better         the term „ingerieur‟ had been
means of using unfathomable riches of       suggested as a professional title for
natural sources of energy and               scientifically trained technicians.
                                                    But perhaps the most apt and
       India has become one of the          general conception of and engineer
advanced country in various fields of       has been given by H.R. Palmer in
Engineering and Technology in the           1818 when he says that an engineer is
world particularly in the recent years it   a mediator between the Philosopher
has achieved industrial revolution          and the working mechanic, and like an
through various National Plans and          interpreter between two foreigners, he
Projects.       Hence      there     are    must understand the language of both.
requirements for well qualified and         Hence, there is the absolute necessity
trained technicians are still in need for   of his possessing both practical and
different    lines     of    Engineering    theoritical knowledge.
                                                    “KARNATAKA          REGIONAL
                                            INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING” is in
ABOUT AN ENGINEER                           the service of educating the interested
                                            candidates in the technological line.
        Historical records reveal that      The prime object of the Institute is to
Darius I, King of Parsia (521-485 BC),      impart right system of technical
employed Mandrocies of Samos to             education by creating confidence at
bridge the Boshrous with boats so that      every stage by highly experienced
his army might march against the            faculty at most reasonable fee. The
Scythians. Alexander‟s army included        various courses are offered for the
surveyors like Baeton, Diognetus,           benefits of students as full time / part
Philonides        and     Callisthenes.     time / postal supported program.
Archimedes (287-212 BC) acted as
military adviser to Kind Hero. During             AMIE: (Associate Membership
the medieval period, Leonardo da            of Institution of Engineers) is an
examination      conducted      by    the
Institution of Engineers (India) came                 The Institution of Engineers
into being i n 1920 as a result of one of     (India)      conducts     examinations
that earliest manifestations of the will      biannually in Section A and Section B.
of our people and the patronage               The passing of Sections A and B is
extended by the Industrial Commission         recognised by the Government of
of 1916-18 and their dedicated efforts        India, all the State Governments, and
to promote and accelerate the art,            almost all the Universities in India as
science and practice of engineering           equivalent     to    B.E./B.Tech.     in
and direct its great resources to             Engineering.
harness nature for the benefit of the
nation.                                               AMIE passed candidates can
                                              register as Commonwealth Engineers
         On September 9, 1935, the            Conference. They can get professional
Institution received a Royal Charter,         certificate to practice in India and
the first given to a body which had its       abroad. Many universities have
origin and Functions in India.                approved AMIE for the purpose of
                                              higher studies like M.E./M.Tech. etc.
         Institution of Engineers (India)‟s
mission has, therefore, been to serve               To have AMIE one must pass
the noble cause to advancing the              examination in two parts, they are
myraid fields of engineering and their        Section A and Section B.
application for the development and
betterment of the nation. Its dynamic                KRIE      conducts      best
policies of ever-increasing involvement       “Coaching Classes” along with
over the years have made the                  practical for AMIE very successfully
Institution of Engineers (India) a            since 1988.
continuing forum for national and
international co-operation.
                       DETAILS OF THE COURSE
Course            :       Common to all Branches of AMIE
Duration          :       2 Years (including practicals)
Timings           :       Day / Evening
Eligibility       :       Pass in P.U.C./Intermediates/H.S.C. with 45% aggregate
                          Pass in B.Sc. with 45% aggregate
                          Passed one year examination of B.E./B.Tech. etc.

Subjects          :       AN 201    Fundaments of Design and Manufacturing
                          AN 202    Material Science and Engineering
                          AN 203    Computing and Informatics
                          AN 204    Socienty and Environment
                          AN 205    Mechanical Science
                          AN 206    Engineering Physics and Chemistry
                          AN 207    Engineering, Drawing and Graphics
                          AN 208    Electronics and Instrumentation
                          AN 209    Engineering Mathematics
                          AN 210    Electrical Science

First Semester    :       Any four subjects out of ten subjects
Second Semester   :       Any four subjects out of remaining six subjects
Third Semester    :       Remaining Two subjects with practicals
Membership        :       Candidates of AMIE Section A (Non-Diploma Stream) will
                          have to apply for technician Membership of I.E.(I)

                      AMIE SECTION –A (DIPLOMA STREAM)

Course            :       Common to all branches of engineering diploma
Duration          :       1 year
Timings           :       Day / Evening
Eligibility         :        Any of the Polytechnic Diploma studied as Full time /
                             Part-time / Sandwich course awarded by State Boards
                             and Department
Subjects            :        AD 301 Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
                             AD 302 Material Science and Engineering
                             AD 303 Computing and Informatics
                             AD 304 Society and Environment
First Semester      :        No Restriction / Full Section A
Membership          :        Candidates of AMIE (Diploma Stream) will have to apply
                             for senior technician membership of the Institution of
                             Engineers (India).

                                  AMIE SECTION – B
                   (Common for Non-Diploma & Diploma Stream)

Course : Specialised Branches in the following disciplines.
Candidates wishing to appear in Section B examination will be required to select one
                         of the following branches of Engineering. There are ten
                         subjects out of which 7 compulsory & 3 optionals.
    1. Aerospace Engineering
    2. Civil Engineering
    3. Computer Engineering
    4. Electrical Engineering
    5. Electronics and Communication Engineering
    6. Marine Engineering
    7. Mechanical Engineering
    8. Mining Engineering
    9. Textile Engineering
Duration            :        2 years (including Project work and practicals)
Timings             :        Day / Evening
Eligibility         :        Pass in Section A of I.E. or B.Sc. (Applied Science) or
                             B.Sc. (Technology) or Intermediate Engineering or
                             M.Sc. (Engineering and Applied Geology)
First Semester      :        Any five subjects out of ten subjects
Second Semester     :        Remaining five subjects of Section B
Third Semester      :        Previous Membership exists
The detailed syllabus AMIE will be given once the
              candidate is admitted

AMIE / AMIETE or Dip.IETE are not correspondence courses. They are meant for
the people who are working or who are intend to work, unable to attend the regular
classes can study through Postal Supported Program. The practicals and projects
can be done at their working places anywhere in the world. The certificate and
markscard are issued directly by the Premier National Bodies like IE(I), IETE, etc.
These certificates are very valid and recognized at par with B.E. degree in the
respective branch of engineering and similarly, Diploma is also recognized at par
with 3 years polytechnic diploma. After completion of AMIE / AMIETE, one can
pursue their further studies like M.E./M.Tech anywhere in Indian Universities or other
Universities in the world.
                        GOVT.OF INDIA
No. F.18-4/78-T.7
Government of India

The Controller of Examinations                             16th Aug. 1978
The Institution of Engineers(I)                       New Delhi – 110 001
8, Gokhale Road,
Calcutta- 700 020

                            Sub: Recognition of AMIE


       I am directed to refer to you letter No. TH/158 Dt. 19 th May 1978 on the above
subject and to state that a pass in Section A & B of the Institution Examinations of
the Institution of Engineers (India) is recognised by the Govt. of India at par with a
Bachelor‟s degree in the appropriate field of Engineering from a recognised Indian
University for the purposes of recruitment to superior posts and services under the
Central Government.

       This Ministry has no objection in your issuing a certificate to any individual
provided it is confined to the statement of facts only as mentioned above.

                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                              Y.P. Singh
                                                          Education Officer (T)

Note: The students after passing AMIE can go for M.E./M.Tech. from any Indian
Universities / Abroad.
                   GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA
                                                                Office of Director of
                                                     Technical Education in Mysore,

No. AGE/19/71-72.4714                                              Date: 2-6-1971

The Secretary
The Institution of Engineers(India)
8, Gokhale Road,
Calcutta- 700 020.

                    Sub: Your Letter No. BCT/158 Dt. 11 -3-1971


       I write to state that Government of Mysore have prescribed in Government
Order No. PWD 106 SPN 62 dt.18-12-64 that a pass in Sections A and B of AMIE as
adequate qualifcation for the purpose of recruitment to the State Engineering
Services for which B.E. degree is prescribed as a qualification. As such, there may
not be necessity to mention to same in the Notification every time. Further, we have
also recruited persons with AMIE qualifications as Lecturers in this Department, for
which a B.E. degree is prescribed.

                                                          Yours faithfully

                                                 Director of Technical Education
Universities / Institutes               Post-graudate courses in
Ajmir University                        Law
All India Management Association        Management
Allahabad University                    Engineering
Andhra University                       Engineering
Annamalai University                    Engineering
Bengal Engineering College              Engineering
Berhampur University                    Management
Bharathidasan University                Computer Science
Bhopal University                       Engineering
Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi   No specific field mentioned
Bombay University                       Engineering
Cochin University                       Management
Calicut University                      Engineering
Delhi University                        Engineering
Dibrugarh University                    Engineering
Goa University                          Engineering
Gurunanak Dev University                Engineering
The Institution of Electronics &
Telecommunication Engineers,
New Delhi                               Engineering
Jadavapur University                    Engineering
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ.    Engineering
Jodhpur University                      Engineering
Kakatiya University                     Engineering
Kurukshetra University                  Engineering
Kerala University                       Engineering
Madras University                       Engineering
Madurai Kamaraj University              No specific field mentioned
Ministry of Steel & Mines               No specific field mentioned
Osmania University                      Engineering
Punjab University                       Engineering
Punjab/Agriculture University           No specific field mentioned
Rajasthan University                        Engineering
Ranchi University                           Engineering
Roorkee University                          Engineering
Sambalpur University                        Engineering & Technology
Saurashtra University                       No specific field mentioned
Shivaji University                          Engineering
South Gujarath University                   Engineering
Sri Venkateswara University                 No specific fied mentioned
University Grants Commission                Research Fellowship
Union Public Service Commission             No specific field mentioned
Indian Institute of Management,
Ahmedabad                                   Management
Indian Institute of Management,
Bangalore                                   Management
Indian Institute of Management,
Calcutta                                    Management
Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad             Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore      Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai      Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur   Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai     Engineering
The Institute of Cost & Works Accountants
of India                                    Cost Accountancy
Mysore University                           Engineering
Dharwad University                          Engineering
Bangalore University                        Engineering
Karnatak University                         Engineering
VTU                                         Engineering
                         FEE STRUCTURE FOR ABROAD

Sl. No.    Courses                       Admission fees     Course fees     Gross Total

    1.     AMIE (Non Diploma Stream)(For all the Branches of Engineering)

           Section – A (2 Years)            Rs. 9,060/-      Rs. 44,000/-   Rs. 53,060/-
           Section – B (2 Years)            Rs. 8,000/-      Rs. 28,000/-   Rs. 36,000/-
           Total fee for AMIE (Non-diploma stream) course = Rs. 89,060/- which can be
           paid in two instalments

    2.     AMIE (Diploma Stream)

           Section – A (1 Year)             Rs. 9,060/-      Rs. 20,000/-   Rs. 29,060/-
           Section – B (2 Years)            Rs. 8,000/-      Rs, 28,000/-   Rs, 36,000/-
           Total fee for AMIE(Diploma stream) course = Rs. 65,060/- which can be paid in
           two instalments

Note :

1. The Life Membership Fees for each course is Rs. 5,000/- which has to be paid by the
   candidates only to the Headquarters.

2. The first instalment fee for AMIE / AMIETE is Rs. 50,000/- that can be paid through a
   DD or a Cheque drawn in favour of “Karnataka Regional Institute of Engineering”
   payable at Mysore.

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