Analysis of Cloud Computing

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					Analysis of Cloud Computing
Awareness of cloud computing continues to increase, as does the subsequent
confusion and a gradual understanding of the inevitability of many of the
concepts. As cloud begins to move beyond the pure hype stage and into the
beginning of mainstream adoption, the questions we are getting on the subject
are changing. This Special Report illustrates the evolution of cloud computing.

We are working on a Hype Cycle that explores many angles of cloud computing,
as it is simplistic to only look at the high-level term itself in terms of hype. As
aspects of the cloud begin to move into mainstream adoption, there will be
doubts and disillusionment caused by a misunderstanding, overestimation and
underestimation, misuse and miscommunication with regard to cloud
computing. This is evident in the types of questions that we are getting from
our clients. These questions range from "what is cloud computing?" (a
reasonable question) to "how do I turn my data center into a cloud." Gartner
makes the attempt to begin to not only answer the reasonable questions, but
to also position the unreasonable ones into a context that can generate value
for those seeking answers.

This Special Report contains 29 pieces of research compiled by more than 20
analysts. In this research, we begin to establish what people should do about
cloud computing and how it might help, or hurt, them. As such, our research on
cloud computing continues to be multidisciplinary and wide-ranging. By its very
nature, the subject is broad, exposing risks and opportunities throughout both
the IT and the business worlds.

The most common questions we get about cloud computing fall primarily into
three buckets: "what, why, and when."

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